Opinion – That Celtic Statement is both wrong and hypocritical

Wrong and hypocritical. The club have let themselves and the supporters down with yesterday statement published on the official Celtic website writes Just an Ordinary Bhoy…

The boys with the buckets standing outside Celtic Park in the rain on Saturday afternoon – and you can see some of them in this photograph – are from the Green Brigade. They were collecting for their food bank appeal as they always do at this time of year.  Just saying.

Celtic are a well run club. We are lucky to have such competent folk looking after the place. When it comes to finance and success, those in charge have delivered. We have plenty to be thankful for. However sometimes when it comes to being in sync with the supporters they fail miserably. They are so disconnected from the support and what Celtic stand for, it’s embarrassing. It’s distasteful, and it’s damn right wrong.

We can forgive them for most of their faults and there’s been more than a few, but when it comes stabbing the supporters in the back it’s unforgivable, and yesterday they did just that. They didn’t just stab us in the back, they twisted the knife in as hard as they could.

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Not only is it deceitful and wrong, but it’s hypocrisy at its finest. The cowardly statement they put out on the club website was a kick in the teeth to every single supporter.

“The banners at the game on a Saturday don’t represent the views of Celtic football club” they said, “we disassociate ourselves from them” they said. Shame on them.

They couldn’t be more wrong. Celtic was formed to help the oppressed. We were born to help those who are persecuted by society. Those without a voice.

“Celtic is a football club and not a political organisation” they said. Another lie. They paid tribute to Nelson Mandela, they paid tribute to Ukraine. Similar scenarios have also come to light. It’s all been hung out to wash in social media, they can’t hide from it.

They play songs such as Let the People Sing, and Grace at Celtic Park. Their hypocrisy has been laid bare for all to see. By doing this they are going against the clubs values. They have toed the party line. Most likely under pressure from some sponsor or another.

It’s scandalous and it doesn’t sit well with the supporters. The relationship between the club and the support has been strained the past few years. This will do nothing to ease that.

I usually give the suits the benefit of the doubt when it comes to matters in the boardroom, but not with this. I’m disgusted and disappointed at their actions, and the overwhelming majority of the support feel the same. There might be no way back.

Just an Ordinary Bhoy

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An ordinary everyday Celtic supporters hailing and still residing in Govan in the shadows of the enemy. I’m a season ticket holder. I Witnessed my first Celtic game in 1988 and have attended when I can ever since. Growing up in the 90s I witnessed Celtic at their lowest, and now appreciate the historic success we enjoy today. I enjoy writing about this wonderful football club and hopefully will continue to do so. I’ve always been a keen writer and initially started this a hobby. My ambition is to one day become as good an author as my fellow Celtic Star colleagues.


  1. Especially after the odious shaktar donesk whose support is known to be mainly fascist, yes the miners of donesk are indeed supporters of Azov and Right Sector neo nazis ,were lauded by some at Celtic including the support. Of course this is the British way blame the colonized not the colonizers


  3. Load of utter sh*te.. most Celtic fans I know want f*ck all to do with Palestine or the ira. Daft we boys and older roasters that should know better holding the club back. How are the club to progress as a brand with this sh*te tarnishing our name .. grow up ffs !

    • Vince O’Donnell on

      The killing of anybody especially babies having their throats cut is completely abhorrent and unjustified in any war scenario . Celtic FC are completely in the right to disassociate themselves from terrorists who carry out mindless murder of innocents🍀

  4. Yes I do I could have been worded a bit better but when you have a top your Israeli player at the club and the same support are calling his name clapping him supporting him do you not think that is hypocrisy yes support your cause but don’t a hypocrit at the same time

  5. Green brigade are scum who make token charity donations to deflect from their odious behaviour. Palestinians are and always have been terrorists who do not deserve any sympathy.

    • Disgusting, racist, dehumanising comment about Palestinians. You should be ashamed of yourself for that and perhaps try to educate yourself on what the Palestinian people are going through.

    • Totally agree with this comment, keep politics out of all football matters. hail hail and ban the green brigade if they cant behave.

    • That’s a bit of a sweeping statement. Palestinians have been forced from their homes and murdered for years. There has been very about this on main stream media. The persecution of the Palestinian people has come in many forms; from not allowing people out of certain areas to seek medical help, to children being killed in the street, to families being slaughtered in their own homes. The injustices have been many. But please do not take my response as support of terrorism it is definitely not. However, I do supposed people who are oppressed and seek to be free to live their lives. Exactly like many Palestinians who are not part of Hamas.


  6. The Green Brigade are no more representative of the Celtic support than Hama’s is for the Palestinians. The Celtic statement is correct in this matter. Everyone knows that Israel just need a simple excuse to attack Palestinians and Hama’s have given them the green light without any mandate from the men, women and children that will now pay the price.
    To support Hama’s is indulging in infantile politics not progressive or helpful at all to the Palestinian people.

      • I and the majority of the Celtic support agree that politics has no place in football support. Kick the green brigade out of Parkhead they cause nothing but trouble for the club.

  7. The idea that there is one group “oppressed” and we should support them is way too simplistic. There are overlapping and competing claims of victimhood. The conflict is best not understood like this. We need to encourage peace and reconciliation, but by being Western advocates for the Hamas led Palestinian cause we are not helping the “oppressed”. We are emboldening further conflict as it gives Hamas hope that Western support can help them “win” – rather than “compromise” on a peace deal. I sympathise with the Green Brigades instinct to support what they “think” are the “oppressed”. However this “goodie/baddie” narrative takes us further from helping the Palestinian people. I support the boards attempts to discourage our fans from being partisan on such a complex issue.

  8. I’m not defending the board here but it’s possible that they’ve come under pressure from govt sources to do this. Let’s face it, the Israeli lobby in the UK is everywhere. Ask Jeremy Corbyn.

  9. Having been extremely disappointed and shocked at The James Forest article yesterday, which showed a basic ignorance of the whole situation in Gaza and the West Bank, it is very, very heartening to read your words, ty.

  10. martin leadbetter on

    Sorry but I couldn’t disagree more. To say you are ” disgusted and disappointed at their actions, and the overwhelming majority of the support feel the same” may reflect your view but, as other comments here and on other forums show , it will not the majority of Celtic supporters.
    I, like most I suspect , have a limited understanding of the political or historical background around this – although it is clear it is complex and a deep mess. Is it not also true however that the Jews themselves must be amongst the most persecuted and oppressed group of people in history ?
    Those banners (who has the time to make these btw !) just look like active support of a terrorist group who murdered or kidnapped hundreds of innocent people in their homes or at a music festival. Young people dying – many of whom will be the same age as those standing under those banners at the game.

    We have, for decades, had to defend supporters singing sonngs about the IRA and Republicism but at least there is a link there to our history and roots – although surely no-one could fully support their involvement in indiscriminate bombing and killings of innocent children. over the years. Songs like Grace – and Sean South and Soldiers Song etc – are valid nods to the history of the club and its traditional support – although around events of over 100 years ago.

    Yes the GB do good things and their vocal encouragement of the team is fantastic – but they undo that with alignment to political agendas of their choice and , in imho, singing songs loudly using the word against a range of targets – Royal Family, SFA, Tories, Rangers – most recently Lazio. I am no fan of any of those entities but the ground is full of kids excited about going to watch their team play football. GB stand almost next to the group of kids encouraged into the games behind that goal. Its hateful – by definition – and sounds awful. How do parents or group leaders explain that away to the youngsters ?

    Celtic have employed players from all over the world including countries with current or historic human rights issues. China, Argentina, Russia , Balkans. I think many Celtic supporters as late as the 70s/80s would have had reservations about us having German, Italian or Japanese players. Can we honestly expect that the green brigade to a man/woman share these views on Palestine when a good number couldn’t find the place in an atlas or describe just what ‘revolution’ they are supporting with that banner.
    Our club is open to all – I love it for that. I still get a buzz just walking out into the place even after 50 odd years.
    I think any closet angry activist sitting in the dark making banners with political slogans to support a terrorist group – whose declared purpose is to wipe out a particular group of people (not to ‘free’ Palestine) should reflect on Nir Biton’s passionate and honest reaction to GB actions. Nir was a decent man who served our club selflessly for years in good times and bad and made our country his family’s home.

    Its my view that the Club were right to issue this statement – any fair thinking organisation would do. The fine this action will inevitably attract will far outweigh the value of any food bank collection at the ground and the money would be much better used in the inclusive charity effort this club actively supports – helping people regardless of colour, creed or ethnic category.

    We have recently had to finally face up to what appear to be valid accusations around child abuse associated indirectly or directly with our club. Why do we need to provide further opportunities for others to attack the club and stain its history and reputation around the world. We should be known for our footballing achievements, our inclusivity and a welcoming good humour. Not dark acts and hatred.

    • Martin , Top reply.

      Unfortunately GB are nothing other than immature idealists who know little of the realities of life outwith their West of Scotland ‘ Bubble’.
      They are being used, through their ignorance of the real World, by older Socialist activists playing at ‘Politics’.
      The Board, as Custodians of our Club and as Officers of the Plc, are correct in
      defending the neutrality of Celtic on this Political issue.
      We have and have had Players from both sides of this Israeli / Palestine conflict and have a duty of care towards the players in our employment, while still maintaining our philosophy of being a ‘Club open to all’.
      The individual players must not be vilified or conversely given preferential treatment because of the actions of their Government, which they in all conscience may not agree with, or similarly condone the actions of Hamas which does not represent the views of all Palestinians. It’s a complex issue.
      Waving Flags at a Football match does nothing to change things. By all means collect aid on a Humanitarian basis. Then it will be up to the conscience of individual supporters whether or not to support it.
      Leave the Politics to the ‘Grown Ups’.
      I accept though that its difficult with the shower of corrupt ‘eejits’ we have at Wastemonster, but alas, at present, it’s the only way forward.

      If you really want change, radical change, then start by campaigning to change the Political and Constitutional set up on these Islands.
      Only then will you be able to influence International issues.

  11. Just an Ordinary Boy : You can’t claim that the Board do not speak for all of the Celtic support then claim exactly the same !
    YOU do not speak for anyone but yourself – you may have friends/family who share similar views , but NO ONE can claim to speak for the many tens of thousands of supporters . that is just ignorance or arrogance .

    That said , there is glaring hypocrisy in the way some political views are allowed to be voiced at football ( not just at Celtic ) but then others are proscribed . Invariably those which are viewed sympathetically are mostly those shared by the MSM or the Government of the day . Hence the reaction to anything smacking of ”support” for those deemed ”terrorists” in the eyes of Government – such as the plight of the Palestinians .

    I will continue to show support for those whom I think deserve it – but rail against ANYONE who claims to speak for ALL of a cohort , whether it be the Celtic Support or the PEOPLE of Scotland or any other multi-ethnic/cultural/ political group .

  12. Inside Celtic Park is for showing our fans worldwide why we are the best Footballing team since day one.Inside Celtic Park the supporters and players should give everything for 90 minutes to keep us on top.
    In short for me it’s Celtic Park for Football and Hollywood for Politics end off.
    Time Celtic f.c. took control and stoped the”Tail Waging The Dog”

    • The GB can gtf and take their banners and pyrotechnics with them. They can go on protest marches to voice their opinions, but please don’t use Celtic as a vehicle to promote their views. Those wee bams do not represent the vast majority of the Celtic support. The person that wrote this article is probably one of those wee neds.

  13. The Celtic star , what a wank of a site. Supporting the murder and kidnapping of Israeli people but condemning their response. Distance yourself from our great club. You want to be a political commentator? don’t use the good name of our club or speak on behalf of every other Celtic supporter.

  14. Reading today’s Celtic on this day David’s comments regarding the game today back in 1936 the Spanish Civil War divided the Celtic fans then as we had fans who openly supported Franco probably as instructed from the pulpit on Sundays but again they were Celtic fans and were entitled to their opinion then just like everyone should be entitled to theirs now.

  15. Some additional comments received via email…

    Whatever you think of Israel Hamas were murdering children in their homes. This the kind of resistance you want to support. Got nothing to do with Celtic and the board are absolutely correct. You’d be better smashing your keyboard mate if your writing ridiculous articles like that. – Martin Easton

    Ordinary Bhoy doesn’t speak for me I support Celtic and the only opinion I have on the matter is that person is an arsehole. My thoughts go out to EVERYONE affected by this not just Palestinians. – Marvin Swan

    I think what you’ve just written is disgraceful, Glasgow Celtic should be about football and football alone, leave your pathetic politics at home and in your own life. What do you know about Israel and the Palestine conflict, when were you last in the that country, it’s your own Irish politics that’s on show here, that’s all. – Paul O’Neill

    Cant believe that article you put out the majority of celtic supporters are appalled at that banner at the weekend after what had happened in Israel have you forgot about our Israeli players past and of course present!. Nobody will disagree that the Palestine have been repressed for years while the world stood by and done nothing so have the Jews have you forgot about the holocaust? Two wrongs don’t make a right ! And you and other supporters groups should be ashamed of themselves by glorified murder of innocent civilians. – John Reilly

    With regards to the Celtic FC statement, it was correct but should have been worded better. My take on apply named Green Brigade – It’s now the beginning of the end for this Political inept organisation. Collections in the Rain for food banks as an excuse to support a terrorist organisation is disgusting. Support Palestine but not murderers of civilians. Jerry Woods

    Whilst wholeheartedly against the atrocities that Israel has carried out over the decades on the people of Palestine & in principle agreeing with the wording of the banners at Celtic Park. I think we should be mindful of the players we have, past & present & the affect this will have on their love for the club. They have all been there for Celtic when we’ve needed them. To be fair to the players, it’s not their fault. If anyone produces a banner in support of what the British army carried out in Ireland we would be up in arms about it . So, let’s be mindful of OUR players, they are the ones that bring US victories & glories.- Gordon Barton

  16. Now is the time to completely ban the green brigade . They totally shame our club every single year with the political crap they spout out the banners they produce are disgusting on the most part . I have supported my club for 60yrs . I know the history of Ireland and brittish forces. I don’t need to see any disgusting banners or singing about terrorists. I personally hate religion it causes more death and destruction than what’s its worth I firmly believe we should put all the past behind us move on and find peace thru out the world . I think everyone has thaire own personal feelings about it all . But why insult or put political banners up at celtic . I have no idea how many fans agree with the green brigade. But what I def know is I watch my club play football that’s it I support them I stand beside all dif people from dif cultures and religions if they have the green and white on I Hope they are proud to wear it and not ashamed when they see those banners . This green brigade have probably now put our club out there in the world as people who support terrorism. This is disgusting. So I def think the club should kick them out van them for life I never want be associated with this crap. Innocent people are dying on both sides for god sake . Young people woman children men innocent people are dying and more will come. Get a grip green brigade grow up you all have no clue about what’s happening in Israel and gazza . I only know this when these wars start only innocent people suffer . God bless them all if there is a god .
    Well celtic fc fir the statement and now is time to kick these idiots out . Get rid now before they do our club more harm .
    Please get them gone for ever .

  17. Another comment received via email…

    Good morning – Hope you are all well – really enjoy a lot of the output from the Celtic websites / forums and podcasts over the years – some have been very insightful and inspiring. As usual this morning I had another wee peek at Celtic news and have just read the article by ‘Justanordinarybhoy’ – this article refers to the club’s statement following on from the terrible atrocities in Israel and which is likely to follow in Gaza imminently.

    Firstly I agree with the majority of what the writer has printed in relation to the club statement and do agree that there is a lot of double standards in what was reported on the Celtic website. This is not what I am questioning.

    What I do take offence to is the sheer stupidity of the banners that were on show on Saturday at the game .

    “Victory to Palestine ‘ – was my understanding of what one of the banners read. This was within hours of one of the worst atrocities a country has suffered in their history. I have no intention of getting into the political aspect of the rights and wrongs of the situation as I am no politician. What I do object to is the timing of this and sheer stupidity of the people holding aloft . What genuine benefit does this do for the image of the club all over the world.

    Whether we like it or not the banners do come across as completely insensitive and just wrong and paint the club in a negative way . That is a fact. These people are entitled to their opinions as paying customers but please have a bit of respect for the club – it’s not all about this defiant mob in one part of the ground that think they are the voice for the club.

    Just to finish I am not saying that anyone inside the ground on Saturday was in anyway condoning the violence or attacks on Israeli civilians. What I will say is that it is not a good look for the club and the timing is just crass and unbelievably ill advised.

    John Small

  18. Donald Kirkwood on

    Personally, an ordinary bhoy, has gone too far and should be removed from this site. How can he celebrate an organization that slaughtered innocent young people. Just because the GB put out buckets for food banks every so often does not make them better than any other Celtic supporter. Maybe if they stopped getting the club fined all the time, the club would be able to use that money for charity. Yes Israel are not blameless in the whole middle east scenario, but the actions by Hamas cannot be condoned.

  19. Never believed that politics should have a place within sport.
    But unfortunately football has and will continue to be used in such a manner, but strangely only when and if the occasion suits, a mainly British agenda.
    We will have poppy porn put upon us shortly, yet its a symbol that will never be recognised within the ROI.
    As a strong Republican,
    I still don’t believe our song’s need to be heard during matches either.
    The simple reason is, as both the IRA and Celtic hold a big place within Irish history, they are still not and never will be joined together either.
    So who are the GB?
    Celtic supporters or political activists?
    I’m seeing them as political activists using Celtic as a tool for there propaganda agenda, and continue to bring shame upon our club with to many of there unwanted activities.
    How dare they believe that they are the voice of Celtic supporters, when they are not.
    How dare they claim to be celtic supporters when showing the level of disrespect to our own players, abada and Hart currently.
    How dare they think they still have the right to abuse an ex player who gave so much for our club.
    Until these shower of gobshites actually work out who they are as such, then they can all fuck off away from celtic as far as I’m concerned.
    Either support Celtic football club, as a football club, or don’t.
    No place for both, especially as not linked together in any way whatsoever.
    Yet I don’t have any issues about protesting about thing’s that are placed upon us within the game, it’s not our place as a club to highlight current world affairs either.
    So now the GB have got what they always wanted, an ongoing fight with the board, and able to split the Celtic support in the process?
    GB as celtic supporters my hole.
    Nothing more than political activists using our club, which is no longer welcome imo.

    • Cochrane Thomas on

      There’s a helluva lot of weeping wallopers, and moaning Minnie’s on here imo, the Zionazis are in the wrong,We have a fully equipped modern army, Air Force, and Naval capability against a group of people with relatively little to fight with.
      Sort of reminds one of a situation 70ish years ago in Europe….Warsaw Uprising ??? Overkill is the reaction here don’t think Hamas comes out to good here either.

  20. Celtic fans have always supported oppressed people . If we can’t stand up for the oppressed who need a voice do we just turn a blind eye to what is going on . We should remember our own beginnings and help to publicise their plight . I’m 70 years old and support the Green Brigade in most of the things they do . Remember when they tried to bully us into taking down the Tri colour . Bullies should never be allowed to win.

  21. The GB do a lot of good but also overstep the mark at times.
    This is one of the latter occasions but the board as ever are a perpetual embarrassment.
    Not political 🙄
    They play the Irish card when it suits them and have traded off it for their entire life as board members.
    Grace,This land and all the others are anti British and are about the struggle for self determination in Ireland.
    They even mark the An Gorta Mor with a special edition shirt every year then in true board tradition sell them to the highest bidder.
    If they had a set of balls between them they would revoke the GB’s season tickets but they understand the backlash would hit their bottom line and we can’t have that.
    I think I hate this board more than the Kellys and they nearly put us out of business

  22. I’m 42 and a Republican sympatheiser from Belfast – grew up during The Troubles – so i know all about politics, believe me. And I can assure you the club are 100% in the right to distance themselves from this pro-Palestinian rubbish. It is a football club with Irish roots (which I love and am proud of) and that is it. It is not a political organisation so they should just keep their noses out of politics – particularly Middle Eastern politics that they know damn all about. There have have been sects of Jews there for 1000’s of years – FACT! And the fact is Arabs and Jews have been fighting over this land since time began.

    The Israelis are shameful with their heavy handed treatment of the Palestinians no doubt, but the carry on of that Hamas – as clearly seen in videos – parading around with an innocent young girls corpse as a trophy etc is an inhuman disgrace! Never seen the like of it. Totally dishonouring any cause they think they have.

    All this pro-Palestinian rubbish is painted on walls all over West Belfast – orchestrated by Sinn Fein – who I like to rightly refer to as Sinn Feign – a vile Judas organisation who claim they are Irish Republicans and had 100s of young men killed by inciting them to take up arms and join their mob until they sold their arses as soon as they seen the money and actively created, and have an equal part in running, a British micro government in the North of Ireland – and they’re pontificating to people about what is right – what a joke!

    I have always said down the years, if i could click my fingers and remove all the pro-IRA chanting i would as the IRA had nothing to do with Celtic, a football club. As big Jock Stein said, Celtic have lots of great songs and traditions to be proud of and get behind their team with without singing about the IRA or, now in recent years, supporting sides in millennia-old conflicts in the Middle East.