Opinion – The Green Brigade are part of the Club but not bigger than Celtic

No one denies that the Green Brigade do a lot for charity and long may it continue. However put it in context with the fines levied on the club and the detriment to the Club’s reputation over the years.

Politics and sport should never be linked. It is a minefield. We boast that the Celtic Family is a “Broad Church”. As such and by it’s very nature it means that not everyone agrees with the Green Brigade’s stance on political matters and in some cases can find it hurtful and or distasteful. At times they appear to act like spoilt 6th Form playing at School Politics. Well intentioned maybe but impervious to the real harm that they can visit upon the Club and their own fellow supporters. They are PART of the Club but they are not BIGGER than Celtic.

The real issue here is that of the “Pyros” and personal responsibility.

The “No Pyros No Party” mantra is a nonsense. No one in their right mind would take flares or fireworks to a party or a Public House, so why is it OK in a Public Arena?

There is a reason they are banned. They are dangerous and potentially lethal in a crowded environment.
No amount of plaudits for their good works will excuse their culpability if an accident or God forbid a fatality happens.

The Green Brigade’s attitude despite all the pleas by the Board to stop, is selfish and childish in the extreme. It belittles all their good works. It brings the Club into conflict with the Football Authorities, domestic and European. It brings all the Club’s supporters under increasing scrutiny by Civic Scotland, (Police, Scottish Government and the Blue Tinted Medjia), all of whom would take great pleasure in seeing Celtic Park shut down either as a penalty or on safety grounds. The “Scottish Gutter” press would have a field day. “Whataboutery” being hammered out from their red hot keyboards.

The same reservations exist about their choice of “party pieces”. Sing out loud about the team, the players, the Club’s footballing history. Things that we all can take pride in. Cut out all the offensive material. Leave that for the denizens of the Debt Dome. Let the World outside see their unique Dark Side. Don’t let their fellow fans be seen as part of a, recently deceased, double act.

We are better than all that.


FC not PLC.

Jim Hester

Jim is a reader of The Celtic Star and the above is his own opinion which is published as submitted.

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