Opinion: The problems at Celtic stem from the malaise and complacency at the top

During the week we welcomed a new regular columnist on The Celtic Star. David Low is Chair of Celtic Trust and was heavily involved with helping the Fergus McCann take-over in 1994 when the old board were finally removed and the modern era of Celtic domination of Scottish football got underway. Just count the trophies won since Fergus walked through the front door and don’t forget to factor in the Administration and Liquidation events across the city for the old Rangers led by Sir David Murray who promised to spend a tenner for every fiver Fergus spent. How did that one work out blue-nose lurkers?

David Low’s column should be read by as many Celtic Supporters as possible – if not already read it please click on the link below and also if you can share it with other supporters via social media etc. The link is below and it’s followed by a few supporter comments that we’d also like to share today.

READ IT HERE…David Low, Celtic Trust: “The collapse in the performance of the team, who is responsible and what we’re all going to do about it”

Now here’s what Celtic Star reader James Mills has had to say about David Low’s important article…

Cannot argue with much of what Mr Low has to say in his article. The problems at the club have stemmed from the malaise/complacency at the top.

Defenders of the Board/manager will cite the Quadruple Treble and the 9IAR. I would argue that these were achieved despite the general lack of ambition/foresight at the top of the club.

Performances in Europe are a better indicator of progress by the team.

No supporter needs reminded of the litany of poor results that have, at times, embarrassed us. For a man who prides himself on his business acumen in running Celtic F.C. Peter Lawwell (and the other directors?) must surely have winced at the total revenue ”lost” to the club by consistent failures in European competitions. Yet the coach responsible for the most recent dire results in Europe is left in place despite losing to teams who have a mere fraction of our resources. And it is now ”leaked” that he may remain in situ, regardless of results and supporter ire, until ”the Summer”.

If any other business, dependent on the goodwill of its customers, treated them with the contempt that is the lot of Celtic supporters then that business would fail in short order.

We have the highest paid CEO in UK football ensconced at Celtic Park. Surely it is past time for the supporters to know what the criteria are for his astronomical salary ( and bonuses )?

He has cut costs several times recently with his coaching appointments – Ronny and Neil. We know the results of that parsimony.

Empty top tier at Celtic Park during Ronny’s time – not his fault – a genuinely nice guy!

Collapse of the team’s performances during the most crucial season since the first 9IAR after Neil’s return. A ”return” that was bitterly opposed by a large section of the support – who were ignored by the Board. We are now reaping the consequences of that blind refusal by the directors to listen to their customer base.

They relied on sentiment when appointing Neil Lennon the second time around (after he had left us previously) but sentiment has no place in the cut-throat business of football these days, certainly not when appointing the most important employee of the club – no, not you Peter!

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The one time, recently when the Board showed real ambition was the appointment of Brendan Rodgers – and we all know how that ended. Only now are we beginning to see that his walkout was not just down to HIS ambitions south of the border but that another arrogant figure was equally to blame for leaving our club in a precarious position during a crucial part of the season.

Unlike Mr Low I have no confidence that The Celtic Trust will have any real impact on the Celtic Board and their future plans – one hopes that they HAVE plans for the future! Whatever these plans may be I, in common with the vast majority of the support, fervently hope that they will change the club for the better. Sadly , recent history tells us that that may be a pipe-dream.

The leaking of information to newspaper hacks that we may have to wait until the Summer for movement in the coaching department fills me with despair.

Another lost opportunity to clear the decks, get a new coach in, get to know the players, work on strategies for next season ‘s Champions League qualifiers (Scotland has two spots available next season), recruit new faces etc…

This is NOT change – this is inertia!

James Mills

And to think Leigh Griffiths now coming out with this absolute nonsense that it is the Celtic Supporters who are to blame for losing the Ten…

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Another reader, Andy, reckons he knows exactly who is o blame for the current situation at our club.

“The manager and coaching staff are primarily responsible. End of. Now at this stage responsibility has passed to those who allowed them to continue in their roles,” he argues. “Our squad has talent and depth. It has been mismanaged and poorly set up. If there is an attempt to blame the board, then it’s for employing these people to begin with. Or indeed for losing a top manager that we had in place.”

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