Opinion: They’ve blagged 54 Tainted Titles, nobody can tarnish Provisional Champions Celtic’s League Triumph when it happens

Realistically we know that the Scottish Premiership title should be awarded to Celtic even if the campaign can’t finish, but it’s highly intriguing to see the Rangers fans getting worked up about trying to discredit that already.

The march to ten in a row was going well this season with Celtic sitting 13 points clear at the top of the league, but nobody truly knows what will happen with the title at this point.

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If it is awarded in the courtroom or not on the field then we already know certain fans will try to claim it doesn’t really count, but it’s important to look at the bigger picture.

The main thing from Celtic’s point of view is recognising that the 10th title shouldn’t be seen as a limit, but just another stop on their journey of dominance over the next few years and beyond.

We can probably all agree that the Rangers are the main competition, but they are not a side that’s trending upwards right now.

Their financial situation always looks shaky to say the least, while Steven Gerrard is coming across as a manager out of his depth, unable to deal with difficult characters and he has no idea how to act in defeat either. He also apparently has one eye back on a move to England if the recent rumours are correct.

Someone like Edouard is reliable and will command a giant fee

They’ve already invested heavily and it’s still nowhere near enough, while the forward line also looks out of their depth when the going gets tough.

Alfredo Morelos goes missing at the big moments while his attitude will damage his sell on value, Jermaine Defoe is ageing and injury prone, Ryan Kent might not actually be the signing of the century while Florian Kamberi is an average Hibs level Premiership striker.

Compare that to Celtic’s situation – they are getting stronger as the season goes on and there is real quality throughout the squad. We’ve also seen that they have the money to spend when needed, while there are plenty of players who could leave for big fees and allow them to make big moves in the transfer market too.

If the season doesn’t finish then bitter losers like the Rangers can try to talk about tainted titles all they like, but that won’t hold much weight when Celtic continue to win the league year after year going forward. Their tainted claims are nothing new with even Dave King denying Celtic are on the verge of 9IAR as Rangers weren’t in the league. He’s won about the titles won – all fair and squarely – but is of course right about Rangers not being in the league. That has been the situation since they died in summer 2012.

And it they want us all to believe that the 52 titles won outright and the 2 shared with other clubs, by Rangers FC are the theirs and not the new clubs. If the league resumes, wonderful – Celtic stand most to lose by that not happening. We lose our party, we lose our trophy day , we lose our 24 page pull-out supplement in the Daily Record, like he one Rangers FC were given in 1997, okay maybe we won’t get that!

And if we are awarded the title because play cannot be resume then we are the Champions based on the results on the park, the points won and the goals scored. All 12 teams started on zero points and zero goals. Celtic won more points, scored more goals and opened a 13 point gap over the nearest rivals who had already thrown in the towel.

If that happens Celtic are legitimate Champions and similar situations will be happening all over Europe. Watch out for the losers in each league and what they say. One thing is for certain none will be as bitter as Scotland’s.

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