Opinion – Unfair to label Peter Lawwell Celtic’s villain of the piece

We are opening up The Celtic Star to supporters to have their say on the current situation at the club. Last night David J kicked things off with his Opinion Piece on Peter Lawwell and it’s fair to say that he was extremely critical of the Celtic CEO. As a Celtic supporter he is entitled to his opinion but it wasn’t shared by Paul Sweeney who reckons that history will look very favourable on Peter Lawwell for his time at Celtic. Again that was Paul’s opinion as a Celtic supporter who took us up on the offer.

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Next up is Paul Shearin and maybe somewhat surprisingly he is also defending the Celtic CEO and outlines the reason why. If you would like your say you can either comment below any of our articles or if you fancy writing an Opinion Piece yourself on what is happening at Celtic this season then email editor@thecelticstar.co.uk

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Incidentally we have asked the club for an interview with Peter Lawwell and they said that this is being considered. The Dubai situation may have delayed that happening somewhat but we’ll chase he club up next week and let you know how we get on. In the meantime we’ll hand over to Paul Shearin and he explain why it’s unfair for Peter Lawwell to be labelled as Celtic’s villain of the piece….


Peter Lawwell has come in for really harsh treatment for a while now. I don’t know if it is justified or not because I don’t know who the movers and shakers are at Celtic Park. And therein lies at least part of the problem.

The vast majority of Celtic supporters don’t know what goes on behind the scenes, they only know what they read in the tabloids, hear on phone ins or from so called well informed taxi drivers. And what people don’t know, they make up.

The Clubs finances always seem to be in good shape at the moment, who gets the credit for that? Before the Covid-19 crisis Celtic had never had so much cash at their disposal.

Supporters are crying out for top European players or a top seasoned European coach, if the don’t get them Lawwell will be slaughtered. Top drawer European players or coaches would welcome a move to Celtic…but not the Scottish league.

Why play on a plastic pitch at Rugby Park on a freezing February Tuesday night when you could be playing at The Emirates or or Anfield. It would be just as cold but the opposition and the surroundings would be more appealing.

Fergus McCann was hailed as Celtic’s saviour when he arrived, and rightly so. He stumped up the cash to flush out the imposters who were filling their pockets at Celtic’s expense.

He made sure Celtic would no longer be scoffed at by pen pushers or blazers at Park Gardens, Jim Farry soon found that out. Players and their agents would no longer hold the club to ransom. The Three Amigos found that out too. As entertaining as they were, they put themselves first.

When McCann was booed by a section of the support it was shameful. Only recently has he been fully recognised and lauded for his part in the Clubs history.

So McCann and Lawwell were villains of the piece in their time. Only when our present CEO moves on will know if he will be missed.

Careful what you wish for folks. Hail Hail

Paul Shearin

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  1. It’s quite simple for me. Peter Lawwell has guided Celtic PLC to great fiscal gains, a full up piggy bank, well done Peter. Then we look beneath the day to day CEO’s remit -as good as it is – and look at the ego within, he is as much a success as he has proven to be a failure. Sometimes it makes sense to let someone else take the reins and take the plaudits and then step in and say, I did this, I hired the manager, Iet him do his job and we are a success. However Pete thought different, did his DOF nonsense and in that moment killed our club. I’m talking Shvedgate, the moment PL said to BR, FO, and he did to much annoyance from the fans. BR, the rat, and all other euphemisms that applied. Let’s not be nasty, hateful or hurtful, let us ask kindly, with decorum and with insistence that Peter Lawwell vacates the building immediately. The football will continue despite his interference, and without it will flourish, (to late this year). I will never stop supporting my team, those Bhoys who play the game for us, that is Celtic, not the faux DOF.

  2. When you look at this Celtic board non of them have done anything near to keeping celtic fc at the very top of the game do any of you think that the Bunnet would have put up with any of this pish he would have cleared the whole lot Lawell included rite out the fkn door no mistake about that .

  3. The fact that for months Peter Lawwell and the rest of the board and upper management have been silent and posting the odd faceless Club Announcements most of which have been poor.

    The leadership has mostly been great though for them to go hiding during some of the biggest issues regarding the club and its supporters just inexcusable.

    The board went to war with the fans and are losing by a country mile at the moment. Its about time they stop taking the support for granted and show face and have the balls to admit their mistakes then we can all move forward.

  4. The only reason we are 21 points behind Rangers, is because the manager as poor selection and tactical problems, plus certain players have not turned up to play. If we were winning as in the last 9 years there would be no call for the board or peter lawwell to go . The players are to blame for poor performances not the board. Many want away Eduaurd Mcham christie Ajer all want to leave. Of those 4 only Ajer and Christie have been trying. The call for the board to go is crazy, they have got Celtic financially secure and have spent over £30 million in last 3 years on the team, can you say the same for the other lot across the city how secure are they . If the team was winning none of this talk would be happening. All Celtic need is a top manager who can buy is own players that he thinks he needs to make Celtic better.