Opinion: Unfair to write off Kuhn before he’s even played

Writing off Kuhn before he’s even played, is both foolish and unfair…

Sadly, it’s fair to say that new Celtic signing Nicolas Kuhn has received something of a lukewarm welcome from the disgruntled section of the Celtic support. That’s an observation and not an overreaction as I’ve seen plenty post on social media their feelings towards his arrival. Not anything malicious, just nothing but negativity from the same usual suspects.

They have written him off as ‘yet another ‘project signing’ and not ‘Celtic class’ all before any of them have seen him kick a ball as a Celtic player. Surely Kuhn deserves a chance, just as every other player that signs for the club does? You can’t judge a player you haven’t seen in action, that’s not only unfair, but rather foolish.

Not one of us has seen enough or indeed seen anything of Nicolas in action to deem him as not good enough to play for this club. He did play against Celtic in a pre-season friendly the season before last and that was a competitive game, with Rapid looking a fairly decent side.

READ THIS…“My strongest abilities are my speed, good technique and I create a lot of chances,” Nicolas Kuhn

Nicolas has played for some big names in Bayern Munich and Ajax, and while he didn’t make the grade that doesn’t mean he’s a bad player. Andy Robertson was once on the books of Celtic, but wasn’t deemed good enough. And we are seeing at Celtic the difficult task young players have breaking into the first team and that’s also true at Bayern Munich and Ajax who are like Celtic, expected to be the top side in their respective leagues and therefore have an expectation to win most games.

Nicolas may well not make the grade at Celtic, but he has a good chance of succeeding. The players who arrived in the summer were signings in progress before Brendan Rodgers arrived and therefore he’d have had very little to do with identifying targets. That is not the case with Nicolas Kuhn who also has a much better ‘pedigree’ than signings like Yang or Marco Tilio, with the greatest respect to those two Celts.

This is nothing new, the were grumblings around the time of Henrik Larsson’s arrival at the club and after he set up the winner for Chic Charnley, then of Hibs, the knives were out for the Swede.

One thing’s for sure though, Nicolas Kuhn deserves that chance, and also our support and he’s sure to get it from the vast majority of the Celtic support.

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  1. Quite right —-I remember the comments I made to my Father-in Law when Henrik , just onto the field , made that pass to Chic Charnley . It related to Henrik’s hair-style , his ability , his origins and was full of expletives .
    Imagine how I felt when i saw Larson play weeks and years later . People still , to this day , remind me of those comments . “Never judge a book by its cover”, let’s see how KHUN performs this week-end and then in successive , more competitive games .
    Surely , even Celtic , cannot repeat the idiotic chaos of last summer’s , “Quantity over Quality” fiasco ?