Outside of Idah and Bernardo, no-one has a clue about Celtic targets

No one knows who our targets are, it’s all just guess work aside from Adam Idah and Paulo Bernardo…

It’s no secret that Brendan Rodgers wants to see Adam Idah and Paulo Bernardo back at Celtic and that appears to both players preference too. But other than those two, Celtic are as usual keeping their cards very close to their chest ahead of the transfer window actually opening a week on Friday.

The summer transfer window has not even opened yet and already we have had the usual 101 players being linked with the club. It’s going to be a long mostly frustrating and sometimes exciting few months before the transfer window ‘slams’ shut on 30 August at 11pm.

At this stage the simple truth of the matter is that no one knows who our targets are, obviously apart from those in charge and Brendan Rodgers. Paulo Bernardo and Adam Idah are targets that are known for obvious reasons, but any other named target is just complete guess work. Celtic will do our business privately and the last folk to know our intended targets are the SMSM or anyone else for that matter, including the fan media or ITK folk on X.

The media will be as much clued up as the rest of us when it comes to transfer incomings at Celtic. They will just need to wait as patiently as us supporters to see any potential new player hold that green and white scarf over their heads.

Stories do get out perhaps via a player’s agent or someone at the selling club looking to bump up the price. Journalists like to link players to numerous clubs because it gives them an excuse to chase clicks from multiple fan bases and Celtic is always a decent club to mention because of the size of the online Celtic audience.

We can debate all we want as to who we should and shouldn’t sign, and that’s good fun on quieter days – the calm before the storm – but the reality is that the club will have their own targets. Targets that the SMSM, fan media and our supporters will know nothing about until they need to, or until there’s a reason why the link is leaked.

If you remember at the start of the year Celtic tried and failed to bring in a few more signings. We never found out who exactly was being pursued and whether these players remain of interest for the summer window.

Then there’s the current squad that is bound to be re-shaped by Brendan Rodgers with a number of fringe players certain to be on their way, either permanently or sent out on loan.  And there almost certainly will be some big money bids for key members of our Double winning team, most notably Matt O’Riley. If Celtic’s valuation is met then it’s hard to see our Player of the Year hanging around.

Brendan is probably sunning himself on some beach with his family and contemplating his signing options for incoming and outgoing ahead of a busy summer. If he’s given the backing of the Celtic Board then we should end up considerably stronger than last season and that raises the bar for our rivals too, where money is clearly tighter, despite the impression that will be given in the papers.

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  1. You are actually spot on here! They really haven’t got a clue!
    Of course, from their many many guesses will come a name or two that will come close to the target which will lead to the usual claim, “we told you first” “we had the inside information” crap.
    Celtic are better than any club I know at this. They pull rabbits out of hats where there are neither hats nor rabbits! Classic case in point, Adam Idah!
    While everyone was watching for when we would sign SVH, Celtic let Norwich grab him from “right under our noses” to “replace” Idah, we took Idah who was a huge hit, SVH was a massive flop for Norwich, hardly getting any game time and returning nothing! Idah on the other hand, lived a real-life “Roy of the Rovers” existence storyline! He ended up with two winner’s medals after making massive contributions to both!
    Until the day we signed him, they hadn’t a clue! Even then, all they did was ridicule the signing! As usual!

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