Former Celtic skipper Paul Lambert predicts Rangers collapse trying To Stop Ten

Paul Lambert was an integral part of the Celtic team that stopped the ten back in 1998. Thus, he knows all about the pressures involved in achieving such a task and this he feels will be to the new Rangers’ downfall.

Speaking to PLZ Soccer, Lambert said: “I think Celtic will get even better. They have momentum and the bit between their teeth. The Rangers lads will have an incredible churning in their stomach knowing they have to win at Parkhead, knowing they have to go to Pittodrie and win, places like that. I think that’s where it will go in Celtic’s favour. Those lads will just go and play because they know how to win.”

Celtic weren’t favourites to win the title in 1998, up against some of the players that the old Rangers had at their disposal. However, they managed to defy the odds and see the job through. That said, Lambert was a superb talent with great players around him, so the shock wasn’t to the same level of that required to stop the ten with the roles reversed this time around.

“The pressure of stopping the 10 was incredible,” Lambert said. “That for me was the hardest title. Now Rangers have to stop Celtic doing 10 in a row, I’m really not so sure with that team they have at the minute. Steven will know that you are only as good as your last game and if you don’t have success then you are going to feel the pressure. That’s the nature of the beast. Ultimately he hasn’t won and that’s what Rangers fans will judge him on.”

As for question marks of the validity of nine in a row, Lambert squashed any speculation. “I’m delighted for Lenny. He knows the club inside out. The bottom line is that Celtic have been the best team for the last nine years, regardless of if Rangers were in the league or not. Celtic have been miles ahead.”

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