Photo Of The Day: Teletext Updates, A Recent Football Memory

Today’s photo of the day is unapologetically nostalgic as it harks back to the not so distant days of Ceefax and Teletext.

Supporters born before 2000 will no doubt recall the anxious wait for an update on the Celtic score, as the pages of the display text and rudimentary graphics flicked between the different leagues. By the time the SPL was back on screen, surely the Hoops would have scored another goal!

At full time, a report would be uploaded detailing the events of the match (as pictured above). It would be written by an office based typist, who received phone call updates from a reporter in the stadium at 15 minute intervals.

As the world advanced, the internet, social media and digital television overtook the old system. Scores and match updates are available at the click of a button now, which is a positive development, but younger Celtic fans will never know of the nervous anticipation and subsequent jubilation (or devastation) as the Ceefax/Teletext pages worked their way through the divisions.

No more will we hear of “Hinge Larsson”, “Mono Sylla”, “Allan Thompson”, or “Stilian Petrov”.

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