Photo Of The Day: The Despair Surrounding Celtic In The Early 60s Is Encapsulated Through One Fan

The early 60s was a tough time at Celtic Park. There really was a sense of hopelessness until Big Jock arrived at the club. Today’s photo of the day captures that despair through the experience of one fan, who is being carried by his arms and legs.

The image was taken at Ibrox during the Scottish Cup Semi Final between Celtic and St Mirren in 1962. Play was held for 16 minutes when Celtic fans invaded the pitch with St Mirren 3-0 up. This supporter was arrested for his misbehaviour.

As the saying goes… night is darkest just before the dawn.

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Hailing from an Irish background, I grew up in Bournemouth with the good fortune to begin watching Celtic during the Martin O'Neill era. Still living on the south coast, I have a season ticket at Paradise and also travel to European away matches when possible. I have written four Celtic books since the age of 19: Our Stories & Our Songs: The Celtic Support, Take Me To Your Paradise: A History Of Celtic-Related Incidents & Events, Walfrid & The Bould Bhoys: Celtic's Founding Fathers, First Season & Early Stars, and The Holy Grounds of Glasgow Celtic: A Guide To Celtic Landmarks & Sites Of Interest. These were/are sold in Waterstones and official Celtic FC stores, and are available on Amazon.


  1. Sadly this was no uncommon sight in those dreadful days. Falkirk, Dundee, Perth and other places all got a pasting at least once from those who masqueraded in the green and white colours. One of Jock Stein’s greatest achievements, leaving aside Lisbon and the first 9iar, was the way he tidied up the support. They still disgraced themselves occasionally (in particular they found it difficult to behave at friendly matches with Newcastle and Sunderland), but the behaviour was 100% better than what it had been before.

    • Agree. When I started going in 60’s there was a nasty element in the Celtic support that often involved bottle throwing. Big Jock was always going on about how he wanted not only the fans to be proud about the players but the players to be proud of the fans. One of my best days as a younger Celtic fan was the League Cup final in 1965. Not just because we won but because when the Rangers fans came onto the Park looking for trouble the Celtic fans responded by staying on terracing and watching rather then get involved. Unfortunately as was shown with the missile throwing last night we still have the “masquerading morons” in the support