Piling pressure on officials is ignored when it comes to them

All this nonsense of pressure on officials is somehow ignored when it comes to theRangers…

All the talk this week was of the fact that Celtic got awarded two penalty kicks at Easter road on Wednesday night, both of which were correctly awarded I may add, even Bobby Madden agreed with that assessment for heaven’s sake.

Yet theRangers supporters were all saying the same thing, claiming it’s because we have piled pressure on the officials throughout the season. Nonsense, we have pressured them, yes, but only to do their jobs properly and so far it seems to be working. We should make no apologies for that.

If anyone is piling pressure on the officials, it’s the Ibrox club and the media, helped with their deranged support. Ever since that Glasgow Derby match at the end of last year when we beat them, they have been complaining about the officials, or just the one to be clear and that is of course the much maligned Willie Collum. So much so that they had a secret meeting with the SFA.

The outcome was that the decision was the correct call. Not that they needed clarification with the games rulers to clear that up. It was judged correct by the rules of the game, but of course that doesn’t matter to the Ibrox club and their supporters as they just want a squirrel to defect from their own failings.

Just the other night in their narrow victory over Aberdeen they had another gripe with the officials. This time because they had a player sent off, yet again it was the correct call despite the ludicrous appeal that the Ibrox club launched on their players behalf. Their arrogance is astounding, and like always they firmly believe that they are above the laws of the game.

Ayr United manager Scott Brown reacts after he was booked by Willie Collum during the Scottish Cup match at Ibrox, theRangers v Ayr United, Scottish Cup, Fifth Round, 10 Feb 2024 Photo Kirk O’Rourke

Further pressure was of course piled on the VAR team and of course Willie Collum who was back as the main man in the middle to oversee the Ibrox club’s win over championship side Ayr Utd yesterday evening.

But theRangers were worthy winners, but Connor Goldson was lucky to stay on the park for a similar if not worse challenge than his team mate Dujon Sterling committed on Tuesday night. An offence conveniently missed by Collum and the VAR team.

Goldson lives something of a charmed life on the field of play. He must be the ‘luckiest’ player in the Scottish game when it comes to leniency when it comes to decisions from officials. Whether it’s playing basketball in his own penalty area or nasty challenges on opponents, he lives a very charmed life.

Oh aye and totally compliant Collum also booked former Celtic captain Scott Brown to try to get himself on the good side of the Ibrox hordes. Nothing to see here, Willie.

One thing is for sure, Celtic can expect no favours from the match official today, quite the contrary, just as happened at Rugby Park in our League Cup defeat back in August. Remember the penalty claim in the last minute that was completely ignored by VAR?

Celtic takes all that out of the equation by playing well and scoring goals. Let’s do it, Bhoys.

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  1. If Collum didn’t see that tackle he shouldn’t be a ref.
    If he saw If and thought it was fair…he shouldn’t be a ref.
    In summary..he’s totally incompetent / shite bag and should never be a ref …