Players don’t have the stomach or ability to win this title

It’s hard to say it, but the truth is that these Celtic players don’t have the stomach or ability to win this title…

Celtic Manager Brendan Rodgers, Hyunjun Yang and Paulo Bernardo at full-time. Final score Celtic 1 Kilmarnock 1. 17 February 2024. Photo Stuart Wallace/Shutterstock

There was optimism in the air before kick off yesterday afternoon. We all knew there was a battle ahead, but we still had confidence we would get the job done and earn those valuable three points.But bhoy oh bhoy were we wrong, despite an okay start and grabbing the opening goal through a lovely header by Kyogo from a Ralston assist (our wingers don’t do assists), it all went downhill from there on in.

Killie were well worth their point. It came as no surprise to anyone when they scored in added time, it was plain to see for everyone in the ground that it was coming. In fact if it wasn’t for Joe Hart it could have been a lot worse.

We looked lacklustre, slow and pedestrian yet again. Backward passes, sideward passes, wasted passes. It’s all getting rather predictable and boring, and most worryingly it’s doing nothing for us. To be blunt it’s a joke that’s far from being funny.

Teams know how to set up against us and it works, how long does Brendan need to figure that out himself? Everyone in the stand knows it, and most importantly so do opposing managers, Derek McInnes admitted as much in his post match interview.

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Celtic Manager Brendan Rodgers. Final score Celtic 1 Kilmarnock 1. Celtic v Kilmarnock, Cinch Scottish Premiership,Celtic Park, 17 February 2024 Photo Stuart Wallace/Shutterstock

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Brendan Rodgers of course has a massive ego. He won’t ditch his principles, he won’t ditch his wingers, which is fine if it’s working 99 percent of the time, but it’s clearly not.

His tactics are killing a team, the majority of whom won a treble last year. They look lost and low on confidence. It’s tough to say it, but it has to be said, they don’t look like they have the stomach or ability to win the title, if anything they look in danger of holding on to second place. The signs are very worrying indeed.

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  1. Tactically poor. For me Bernabie epitomises what is wrong: a physically weak player who can’t defend being brought on to defend against big guys. Why didn’t the manager put on Nawrocki and shift Scales to left back. He never lost a header all day and bringing on Nawrocki would, hopefully, have given us more physicality.
    Our fate was sealed the minute Taylor went off as the whole left side became an easy target.

    We are dreadful at stopping crosses coming into our box. Any time our so called wingers had the ball one, or sometimes two, Kilmarnock players were breaking their backs to stop delivery.

    Meanwhile, on our left we have the me, me, me Palma show: the most self indulgent player to wear the Jersey for a while. He has become as predictable as Mikey Johnstone in a quarter of the time: step over, jink, cut inside. The amount of runs Taylor did yesterday, begging to be slipped in, only to be ignored must set a new record.

    Ultimately, once again, this unfolding shambles must be laid at the door of one group of people: the Board. The have yet again enlarged the bank balance to a grotesque scale, creating a so called war chest, while each week the team loses battle after battle. But their wages are safe !!!

    We have a recruitment department that has a fetish for wingers who can’t beat a man or cross a ball yet can’t find a replacement for Joe Hart.

    Oh a downgrade on Giakoumakis.
    Johnstone a downgrade on Juranovic.
    Mooy never replaced.
    Jota replaced but with dross.
    A bloated squad riddled with mediocrity that we are now unable to move on.

  2. We have watched this this all season just getting by the odd goal this team is gone” we did not replace the players who left with quality players but with 2nd rate quantity I blame Rodgers for allowing the board to let mark lawell bring in this rubbish and now look at the mess we are in but also Rodgers style and tactics of play have been terrible over all a complete shit show from all at Celtic .

  3. Don’t blame the players.
    All they are doing is playing Rodgers boring negative dire possession game, a style that creates few chances.
    Watch the ball go back to the keeper more than its passed to the forwards, Players who don’t get game time are never ready to step in and do the job required.
    11 Celtic players should be more than able to beat Killie who don’t have the finance celtic do.
    Big difference is in a mge who contained US in 1st half, then came out and could have won in 2nd half.
    Rodgers has nil tactical plan B, his managerial motivation ranks around 10/100.
    Rodgers is the problem and has to go.
    We all agree on Lawell’s also.
    I must also state that The Rangers Fans are considerably louder than we are, we resemble a graveyard at Celtic park, when we need cheering there’s NONE.

  4. Confidence is massive within a team, and it’s totally evaporated away from our team currently.
    Even that which had grown in Oreily and scales has disappeared now.
    The inconsistencies throughout this season, I was putting down to player’s making the adjustments that Rodgers was trying to introduce into this team.
    When you start to think a solution has been found, then it’s followed up with the shite that was on show for such long periods yesterday.
    This remains a massive failure upon Rodgers, when player’s are playing with a total lack of confidence and no enjoyment to be seen, in what they are being asked to do.
    Hart been our best and most consistent player over the past number of weeks, only confirms just how bad the current situation is within this team?
    Nothing has really looked right since the return of Rodgers, and only getting worse by the game at an alarming rate also.
    Rodgers will be made the fall guy for the current shit show within the club, and no longer a defence for his own failings can be made either imo?
    The only real question that remains is as to when he should depart?
    The sooner the better imo, the writing has been on the wall regarding his management style for a long time now, and is yesterday’s man now as far as I’m concerned.
    The player’s don’t believe in him any longer, same as myself with an ever growing number within our support also?
    The usual will possibly happen as it tends to within football, that the board sack the manager for its own failings, and our support sit back and wait to what will unfold when the changes are made?
    As a support we are also guilty of letting lawwell return without opposition to it, because of the feel good factor was there within the club?
    Didn’t last to long for ourselves all the same?
    Massive changes are needed within the club from top to bottom now, as this policy of papering over cracks isn’t working, especially when the cracks are way to big to be papered over any longer imo?
    Rodgers will be the first casualty, he can’t be allowed to be the only one either, regardless of how this season ends up for ourselves imo?

  5. The writing was on the wall when Ange imo screwed us over. Firstly not giving a player who loved Cetic the opportunities and the board for not hiking his wages .GJ when Kyagp was injured scored the vital goals that won us the league. He was then treated like shit. Kyogo has won us big games trophies but when he isnt on fire he has no influence or impact on a game. The very sight of GJ frightened teams. He wasnt treated fairly by Ange for me first name on the team sheet guy was a fighter and winner .
    Remember folks BR was in charge when Rangers were still in demise now he has a challenge and isnt up for it from a very average team who I must say have made Celtic look embarrassing in Europe . For me BR cannot be in place next season when we lose the league . He is finished hair play to the Rangers support for what they have had to put up with they are are lucky however that we have a board who do not care about moving the team forward . They gambled on Beale being there mistake1 number 2 they gambled in the transfer window or should I say to many transfer windows.
    It’s time to suck it in people Rangers are not coming they are here and when they invest the substantial money they will be getting for direct entry into the CL its us who will be playing catch up.
    The big problem with that is before we even get out of gear they will have vanished out of sight because unlike our board they will put the foot to floor and wont have time to look back.
    Be prepared mediocrity in amounts like you have never witnessed before are on the way .
    BR is finished the next step is in the supporters hands and its easy to understand what we have to do. DON’T BUY SEASON TICKETS OR MERCHANDICE HIT THE BOARD WERE IT HURTS MOST IN THEIR POCKETS NOT OURS.
    Again I take my hat of to the Rsngers board and supporters for what you have endured you have shown us what real togetherness brings which is something this club and its supporters do not have at this moment . We as a support are more divided than ever and the board do not give 2 – – – – –