Plenty of names mentioned but Kelleher ticks all boxes to replace Joe Hart

Kelleher ticks all the boxes to replace Super Joe. It will be difficult to entice him to Glasgow, but not impossible. Celtic need to ask the question…

Celtic v Hearts, Scottish Premiership. Joe Hart saves from Kenneth Vargas during the match at Celtic Park, on 4 May 2024. Glasgow Celtic Park Photo Malcolm Mackenzie PSI.

Replacing Joe Hart is going to be a huge task for Brendan Rodgers. I’m sure he has a few names in mind to replace the former England number one, but will those in charge back him in his quest to replace him with the right man?

One of those keepers who is forever being linked with a move to Celtic is Liverpool man Caiomhin Kelleher. The Republic of Ireland international is one of the names that the supporters would like to see take over from Super Joe, and with good reason.

He’s young, he’s got personality and a presence, he plays for a big club in Liverpool, and more importantly he is talented. He might be back up to Alisson Decker, but he’s played his fair share of games and has experience of European football.

Republic of Ireland’s goalkeeper Caoimhin Kelleher punches the ball clear during the UEFA Nations League, league B group 1 football match between Republic of Ireland and Scotland at Aviva stadium in Dublin, Ireland on June 11, 2022. (Photo by PAUL FAITH/AFP via Getty Images)

He’s won trophies and he’s of course gained international experience with the Republic of Ireland. He has all the credentials to be the number one goalkeeper at Celtic football Club.

The big question is, do those in charge of our club have the ambition to make such a move possible? We know that they’ve got the money, but do they have the motivation?

Yes it would take a momentous effort financially to tempt the Irishman to Glasgow. Kelleher himself has spoke recently of his desire to leave Liverpool to be a number one, so why not ask the question?

Liverpool’s Irish goalkeeper Caoimhin Kelleher  catches the ball during the FA Cup third round football match between Wolves and Liverpool at the Molineux on January 17, 2023.  (Photo by OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images)

A reputed £20 million price tag is obviously out of our league, but why not propose a season long loan move? Pay a decent fee for his temporary services, and pay a big chunk if not his entire salary?

After that term is up we could have scope to offer him a permanent move as his contract will be another year down. After a taste of life at Celtic, Kelleher could be tempted to move north permanently.

One things for sure, if we don’t ask we won’t know. Time for the club to show some ambition and ask the question.

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  1. No way liewell would stump up 20mil or anything near it. It might affect his bonus, geneuine Celtic man that he says he is, me bollix.