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THERE were numerous polls last week on who should be the next Celtic manager and it is fair to say that Neil Lennon was scoring pretty low % marks against the rumoured candidates. Whether there’s anything in any of the names linked over the past few weeks is unclear, however Celtic will want to consider their options and the case for giving the job to Lenny was always really going to depend on how he negotiated the rest of the season after What’s His Name walked out on us.

Well it has been a case of so far so good and yesterday at Hampden was the best yet from his side.

“It was highly pressured today,” Lenny told the media after the 3-0 win over Aberdeen.

“Whether it has any impact on my future, I don’t know. I spoke to Dermot on Saturday and he said all the speculation is just noise and nonsense.

“He’s a tough man. He is very demanding but that’s why he is who he is,” Scottish Sun reported.

“Again, I’ve had no guarantees, no reassurances, no promises. I’m here to do a job and I’m taking it game by game. I’m older now, I can take all the noise. Maybe 10 years ago I would have got upset or annoyed about it. But not now.

“These are class people I work for. I’ve worked for them before and know the way they work. So I know it’s just conjecture and speculation. They leave me to get on with the job which is obviously reassuring. But I didn’t need that reassurance anyway.

“There was a lot of pressure because of the significance of the game today.

“If we’d lost, the treble-treble was gone and the great cup record was gone. So it was really important to negotiate that. But if the club perceives the best way forward is to go somewhere else, then who am I to argue with that?

“I’ve only been here two months. I’m enjoying it. To a certain degree it’s difficult because you are inheriting a very good team who were going well. You don’t want to spoil that, so it’s been a real balancing act for me on a personal level.

“But it’s a good experience. It’s a good challenge – really different pressure to what I’ve experienced before in my career.”

We have another Poll running at the moment on the whether we should bin the Cheer Up song – see HERE but we want to run another one.

We’d like to know if you think that Neil Lennon should be appointed as the Celtic manager on a permanent basis?

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