Poll Results: 83% would support Dominic McKay Selling Celtic Park Stadium Naming Rights

On Sunday morning we ran a poll on The Celtic Star asking the following question: The Emirates Paradise – Would you be supportive of incoming CEO Dominic McKay selling Celtic Park Stadium naming rights if the price is right?

Read below Niall J’s article on this subject. Money is going to be tight for all clubs as a result of the pandemic and Celtic’s accounts in the summer are going to be the worst this century. Dear knows how some other clubs – like the Scottish Champions elect are going to survive this financial crisis. Their old club died shortly after the lat time they won the league did they not?

The results of the Poll as things stand are that 83% of Celtic Supporters – having read Niall J’s article bellow – would be supportive of Dominic McKay selling naming rights for Celtic Park when we take over as our new CEO on 1 July.

Just 12% of supporters are against the idea while 5% are undecided. 563 supporters took part in the voting and if you want to add your own vote you can vote below, but please read the article first.

The Emirates Paradise - Would you be supportive of incoming CEO Dominic McKay selling Celtic Park Stadium naming rights if the price is right?

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Celtic’s incoming CEO Dominic McKay had a reputation for maximising available income streams at Scottish Rugby. He managed this without damaging the reputation or brand of Scottish Rugby itself, this is something that of course is a fine line to tread, a questionable reputation, standard of product or skeletons in the closet can all impact on the brand you are trying to protect a such choosing the right partner is important, it is just as important to protect what your supporter or indeed consumer base hold dear.

One of the most significant deals signed by McKay in his time as COO was the deal to bring BT in as a major sponsorship partner. In what was a huge multi-million-pound investment in Rugby across the national team, pro sides Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh as well as grass roots level investment, was also something that may have seemed controversial and that’s because it was. Murrayfield stadium is known worldwide as the home of Scottish Rugby. As part of that overall sponsorship deal BT were very keen indeed to have access to the naming rights for the stadium as part of their contract.

The deal saw the venue renamed as BT Murrayfield Stadium and included sponsorship of Scotland’s domestic league and cup competitions and the Scotland 7s side. It also included setting up new academies from Scottish Rugby for the development of young talent. The deal followed an earlier tie-up involving sponsorship of Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby’s shirts.

Speaking of the deal at the time Dominic McKay, said via the official SRU website:

“In branding our home the BT Murrayfield stadium it reiterates our joint view that the name of the home of Scottish rugby that has been synonymous with the game in our country since 1925 had to be retained.”

With a fine line to walk McKay came out well, the name of Murrayfield remained and the sponsor had the name attached for all media coverage over the course of the deal. You have to say it was a fine piece of negotiating on the part of Celtic’s future CEO. Now of course Dominic McKay switches sports and seniority of role as the Celtic season ticket holder moves from supporter to club custodian at Celtic as of 1 July. As part of his new role sponsorship and product tie-ins between Celtic and potential sponsors will be something he will be dealing with in everything from board games in the club superstore to the shirt sponsor.

So, what about those naming rights to Celtic Park is that something the support would consider as part of a sole sponsor of the rights or indeed as part of an overall package involving all of Celtic’s footballing operations?

As Celtic try and position themselves as a major European club ahead of the upcoming changes to the Champions League format, due to come into play in 2024, maximising available income streams that are not at odds with the brand could well be vital moving forward as we try and ensure we maintain our position as Scotland’s most successful club next season and ensure we are positioned for the possibility of automatic qualification for UEFA’s premier tournament next season.

For now, current shirt sponsor Dafabet’s seven-year deal runs until 2025, as such for the time being any stadium naming rights would have to run independently of that deal unless the betting firm were looking to supplement the shirt sponsorship and add the naming rights to their deal.

For some fans you would assume there would be concerns. The name of Celtic Park of course means a great deal to many, and understandably so, but would a sponsorship deal really impact on what the fans call the stadium or would we be able to separate that attachment from a lucrative sponsorship deal?

As it stands some already call the stadium Parkhead, as I’m regularly chided for, however that was what my family brought me up with. Whilst in the coffee shops of Byres Road it appears ‘Parkers’ has become a term used by some. Indeed, given the choice of Parkers over ‘Dafabet Celtic Park’ I think I’d plump for the latter.

There will of course be a lot of debate going forward when it comes to the involvement of both alcohol and betting firms as suitable partners and again that is understandable in this day and age. Yet across the road from Celtic Park lies the purpose-built main venue for the 2014 Commonwealth Games, The Emirates Arena. Would Emirates with no connection to gambling or alcohol consider having both the Arena and Celtic Park a worthwhile addition to their sponsorship portfolio?

The Emirates Paradise has a certain ring to it, does it not? In truth no sponsor would be willing to get involved in any case if there was strong resistance from the support. So, what do the supporters think? What is in a name? Would we accept Celtic Park’s naming right being sold along the same lines as BT Murrayfield? Let us know what you think.

You can add a comment below or email editor@thecelticstar.co.uk if you want to contribute an Opinion Piece to this site. And for everyone else please simply not below in our Stadium Naming Rights poll. IF THE MONEY IS RIGHT would you support Celtic Park being rebranded and renamed as something like The Emirates Paradise?  One supporter, one vote each.

The Emirates Paradise - Would you be supportive of incoming CEO Dominic McKay selling Celtic Park Stadium naming rights if the price is right?

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Niall J

About Author

The Celtic Star founder and editor, who has edited numerous Celtic books over the past decade or so including several from Lisbon Lions, Willie Wallace, Tommy Gemmell and Jim Craig. Earliest Celtic memories include a win over East Fife at Celtic Park and the 4-1 League Cup loss to Partick Thistle as a 6 year old. Best game? Easy 4-2, 1979 when Ten Men Won the League. Email editor@thecelticstar.co.uk


  1. I think the renaming of the club would be good for all. It would also modernise the club into the future yes yes yes yes as they say in the x factor you have 4 yeses

    • At first before reading the article I was all against it but now after reading the article and having some thought on our stadium being renamed Emirates Paradise That is a 100% Definite YES It would clearly be a great way forward and anything that’s going to strengthen our Beloved Club and set it up for the Future is a 100% YES

    • Definitely upgrade the name of Celtic Park, is a no brainer , sad to say european stock has been run into the ground by our custodians over past 20 years , and an eye catching international prefix or suffix would wake us all up and boost our financial clout to attract quality players to push the club back into the European limelight, how about weclome to The Guinness Hoops Arena

  2. Gerald Paterson on

    Selling naming rights, Two things must be right, the price, and more important the name, nothing that detracts from the venerable name that is our club Glasgow Celtic FC.

  3. I hope I never see the day when we sell the name of our home to some corporate shite and no money in the world would convince me otherwise

  4. Never in a million years. Fitba will fold at this rate anyway all part of the new world order great reset. Celtic Park till we die.

    • No. Do you really believe the money for selling our beloved Celtic park will be spent on players where it matters. The board couldn’t and wouldn’t spend for 10IAR. Any additional profits would end up filling their own penny pinching pockets as usual.

  5. You look at other stadiums down south in the (EPL & Championship) Also stadiums around europe (etc) Why change the name, Why not change the name, To all supporters young and old we shall still see our ground as Parkhead, Celtic Park and Paradise, The only thing that would have changed is the sponsors name before Parkhead, Celtic Park or Paradise, If it means that financially our club is better off and we can manage and bring in perhaps from Europe or within the UK as a whole, We can all see what is happening to our great club at this moment in time we should all be sitting on cloud 9, But we came back down to earth with a massive bump, Yes we were financially sound after bringing in excess millions of pounds for players that have been sold down south and to europe the money we brought in was unwisely used for players that are not Celtic Class or Celtic Minded, Then we have got players at this moment in time, Who do not want to play for the club or play for the manager, Asst Manor and or for our coaches, They feel they are so much better off going to other teams down south and in europe and now our chairman shall be leaving on the 01st July & Another New Chairman shall be taking over, Also our team manager Neil Lennon doesn’t seem to be interested in what is going on with the team any more, He definitely has lost the Dressing room and the respect from his playing staff, May-be just maybe its time for change and nothing ever stays the same and if it helps our club financially now and into the future, Then change might not be as bad as some of our supporters think !!!

  6. Never, Never.
    Celtic Park is known world wide. Hail hail.
    As to Mr McCoist almost laughing at Neil Lennon , Neil did the honourable thing, McCoist went on gardening leave and continued to take money from a skint club.

  7. Thomas Carroll on

    Not really.up for naming rights as I doubt there be enough money raised for finance that is required. I would ask every Celtic supporter and Celtic minded person to give £20 annually to raise money for quality players.It is estimated 9 million supporters worldwide (2003).At same time if 2 or 300 million raised,possible to buy out present board and Celtic Trust taking over as Celtic is valued at £90/95m.Minimum of £20 supporter fund.Every year donate £20 minimum.