Potential boost for Celtic as huge-name manager linked with the role rejects a big offer from Serie A

It’s a strangely exciting time to see so many different names linked with the Celtic job, while it’s hard to see what direction the club will go in.

If Neil Lennon had limped over the line in the league this season or at least kept things close then you could see the board going with a similar approach, but the disaster of a season means they will need to show a bit of ambition this time.

It’s easy to get down on the club after this season and wonder why any big-name managers would take the job, but it should be an appealing destination for so many coaches.

It’s easy to underestimate the fact that the majority of professionals won’t play or manage a giant club and they won’t win any major silverware in their career either, so the allure of Celtic and being the hero to a giant crowd will appeal to a lot of egos.

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Time will tell how far-fetched the idea of Rafa Benitez really is, but he has been linked with the job in recent days and it doesn’t look completely ridiculous.

Obviously he could get another job like Newcastle where mediocrity is the only goal or he could be a short term fix for an elite team before being unceremoniously booted when a bigger name becomes available, but he’s already been there and done that.

He’s not had a chance to actually settle down recently and build something huge, but Celtic would give him the chance to win silverware, impose his style on the club and he would follow in the footsteps of legends if he does a great job.

There is other interest in him and reports from Italy indicated that Napoli were looking to bring him back, but this suggests that he’s done being the short term fixer for sides.

They state that he’s not interested in the job because they are in freefall and he doesn’t want to take on a salvage job at this point, so there’s a little glimmer of hope from a Celtic point of view here.

This season has been poor but the club aren’t close to being a salvage job just now, so it does make you wonder if there’s a chance of this happening….

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  1. It’s not Celtic that worries me its spl asking a top manager to come to spl with three artificail parks who spl does not force teams to water them for best playing condition smaal clubs have same vote as a club that has filled most parks in Scotland it is a poor league when Celtic has won it 9 times in ten years and bit of disaster let rangers win it this season rangers by know way are a great side I dont think they would be half way up champoinship

  2. Tom,you’re having a laugh.
    More chance of D D selling his shares to his Arab friends to annoy the Green Brigade even further.
    Perhaps it’s time for the true Celtic supporters aka the G B to form a club and leave Parkhead to the rest.
    Suggest Real Celtic as a club name. Fantasy Park club grounds.
    Hail Hail.

  3. What have spl not Celtic have to offer a top class manager only reason go o’Neil and Rodgers were they were Celtic minded and wanted to win for Celtic on there c.vthey did as much as spl allows teams to do Rodgers should have stayed for ten but his vanity would not allowed to be in such a low league even the team he loved and left Celtic in a good position got Celtic more than£6million and dermot Desmond thanks what he a achieved just lawell upset all.the best Rodgers but gave up saint hood for vanity