‘PRESS’ to try and dismantle Celtic, it’s a Commons concern

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Anyone who reads through our newspapers or either decides to watch or listen to sports related programmes will notice a familiar theme when our Club is the topic and I’m not talking about success on the field.

Throughout the last year or so we would read or hear various stories about how a player is being watched by a Scout from another Club or a bid is just about to be made that will force the player to leave as we can’t turn it down or Celtic will sell the player as they won’t sign another contract and will go for nothing. We saw these reports with KT63 recently and only today another one regarding James Forrest after his superb performance yesterday, add into the mix that Brendan’s going to leave, not surprisingly tend to have the same purpose, to unsettle the player, the Manager and the support.

If one was genuine and found to be correct, the example being Dembele leaving for nearly £20 million, yes I accept that players will move on, this happens at any Club but the problem here is the media are very keen to promote the removal of our best players and the Manager, it’s not very difficult to understand why and for whose benefit.

What I find disappointing is when ex-players are happy to sign up and get a ticket from the media to join the party with basically fake news, I think you know who I am referring to.

Kris Commons spun this story in his newspaper column this morning. Here’s what he said about James Forrest: “He is 27 years old and signed a new four-year deal just a couple of weeks ago, which made it seem like he might be set to spend his whole career at Parkhead.

“But, if he carries on playing like he did on Sunday, there’s no chance that will happen. One of the big clubs in England would soon snap him up for a hefty transfer fee.”


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