Proposed IFAB rule change would benefit players like Kyogo and Maeda

New proposed IFAB rule would benefit the likes of Kyogo and Maeda…

The IFAB has approved tests for a new type of offside. If it’s given the seal of approval it will make our game a lot more intriguing.

The new proposed rule would only make an attacking player offside if his entire body is in front of the last defender, instead of the current format where players have been judged to have been offside by the tiniest of margins, as close as the tip of their toes.

Daizen Maeda R celebrates with teammate and compatriot Tomoki Iwata after completing a hat-trick in the second half of a Scottish Cup  match against Livingston in  on March 10, 2024.

If it goes ahead it could totally rejuvenate our game. I’ve always believed that the laws should benefit the attacking player and this proposed move will do just that. Football is a form of entertainment and seeing more attacking play will make the beautiful game more enjoyable for the spectators and those watching at home.

It would also benefit our own football club massively, with the likes of Kyogo and Daizen Maeda taking full advantage of such a rule change. Both are such quick and effective players when it comes to playing on the edge of defenders. If this rule comes to fruition then both players will be looking to take full advantage.

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Celtic v St. Johnstone – Brendan Rodgers speaks with Tomoki Iwata following during the cinch Premiership match at Celtic Park on Saturday March 16, 2024.Photo Andrew Milligan

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  1. Yes it will help greatly takes the poor decision been made by biased Scottish refs in var some bad inconsistent decisions that caused us points against hearts disgraceful sacrificing your profession cause of hatred for a club

  2. Maybe we should give the early 1970s Drybrough Cup experiment another go, with the offside laws only applicable from the 18-yard line, rather than the halfway line. That would stretch the game, although it wouldn’t do anything to end the drudgery of the “low defensive block”.

  3. ” Daylight” between forward and defenders surely is the way forward….
    as well as foreign refs.
    Var for penalty box , offsides and Blatantly Obvious Errors.New var officials being more IT than referees…a child could draw the lines required…..even in Fir Park.
    The game is getting ruined esp with the current handball crap
    Penalise only if deliberate and / or making their frame bigger while FACING the bloody ball.

  4. RPM Celticfan on

    How idiotic is this , it will change nothing, its still a judgment call open to opinion , just instead of a fraction in front it will be a fraction overlapping , the focus imo and therefore the opportunity for cheating is when exactly the ball leaves the foot of the passer , milliseconds there transfer to centimetres for the receiver and effects the offside line hugely , imo the bias var refs use it to cheat Celtic and people just look at the lines drawn and agree with the decision , so the new rule will change nothing for Celtic or anyone else , its like what’s heaviest a ton of feathers or a ton of shite . Hail hail .