Pub team fantasy – We’ve seen things they’ll never see, and they can’t handle it

We’ve seen things they’ll never see, and they can’t handle it…

The greatest ever achievement by a Scottish football club was of course the Lisbon lions 1967 European Cup win Lisbon. Jock Stein’s side swept all before them that season and won an unprecedented quadruple. It was a momentous accomplishment and was admired – and still is – throughout the footballing world.

Not by theRangers supporters it isn’t. It must stick in their throats that their rivals have accomplished a feat bigger than anything their old club ever achieved, and something their new club will never. Some of the spiel they come out with just to downplay our achievement is laughable.

An account on twitter that goes by the handle of ‘Rangers spares’ came away with a whopper yesterday, saying our European cup win was only achieved because the teams we were up against were ‘pub teams’ yeah I’m not making it up, he really did say that!

That isn’t even a wind up, he was being deadly serious. He and many others believe our European cup win is not worthy of greatness because of the ‘standard’ of football back then.

The standard of football back then was excellent, especially in Scottish football. Indeed Rangers were in a euro final the very same week. Kilmarnock also reached the semi final of the fairs cup and Scotland had just beaten World Champions at Wembley.

The teams Celtic beat on the way to Euro glory were all excellent sides and champions of their respective countries. Zurich, Nantes, Vojvodina, Dukla Prague, all superb sides. Ok not big names now, but back then they were more than decent sides.

In the final itself we beat a superb Inter Milan team in Lisbon, a side who won two of the previous three European cups, and who had eliminated Holders Real Madrid in the quarter finals.

That is a wonderful accomplishment and to compare the sides of the past as ‘pub teams’ is damn right disrespectful and shows a lack of football knowledge. That begs the question, if it was so easy why didn’t the blue half of Glasgow win the Big Cup? Simple, they weren’t good enough, even in an era of ‘pub teams’.

It hits them that hard that Celtic have won European footballs biggest prize and they haven’t. Deep down they know that what we achieved is bigger than anything than they will ever see their side achieve. We’ve seen things they’ll never see. Cry more.

Photo imago/United Archives International. 1967 European Cup Final Celtic v Inter Milan 

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  1. And about european trophy first in uk to win it and that hurts Enlish pundits and some scottish it killed rangers tryimg to win it its the pinnacle of scottisj football yet our sfa dont boast about it but we will still be the top team im scotland no matter how they tryimg stop us