Pundit believes Desmond won’t sell until the wider picture is clear

Celtic playing in England has always been somewhat of a much spoken about subject.

Will they, won’t they? Will it be logistical? Would they compete for the title or battle against relegation given the TV money on offer?

It is certainly something to think about, but I think the majority of Bhoys’ would not want it to happen for obvious reasons of tradition and most evidently, travel.

However, Davie Provan thinks it will happen.

Davie Provan & Frank McGarvey hold aloft the Scottish Cup in 1985 after defeating Dundee Utd

Speaking to the media, Provan was discussing whether or not Celtic could go down the fan-owned route that Hearts have undertaken recently.

But with Dermot Desmond still in charge of the club, Provan believes he will hold out until a move to the Premier League materialises.

“Desmond still sees Celtic in England. And, I think that will happen in my lifetime,” Provan said on Go Radio Football Show.

“Football’s changing so, so quickly. The the European Super League thing, that has not gone away. That has not gone away.

“And if they can win the legal arguments about restraint of trade and etc, money will talk, people want to see the best.

“And I think if that happens, there might be an opportunity for the Old F*rm to play in England.”

It would certainly be an interesting proposition, but one that many would not like to see in general given the history, culture and dependency that the Glasgow sides offer to the rest of the teams in the Scottish Premiership.

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