Pundit explains the major Roy Keane flaw as he continues to be linked with Celtic

It would be a massive surprise if Roy Keane was named as the Celtic manager now, but his name continues to crop up when it comes to those who are linked with the role.

We have to assume that he’s not the first choice and his theoretical appointment would be a sign that Celtic had to go down the last resort route, but he doesn’t feel like the right man for the job.

We’ve seen so many examples over the years where great players don’t go on to become great managers, and there may be multiple reasons for that.

One of the most common explanations is that some of them just do not have the patience to deal with a squad that isn’t as good as they were in their playing days, and that does seem to fit Keane.

Noel Whelan spoke to Football Insider about Keane potentially becoming the next manager, and it does sound like this and his lack of man-management skills would be the major concern:

Keane is a completely different character to Eddie Howe. You cannot compare those two people. They both bring their own skill set and disciplines.

“Keane has to realise that players are not as good as he was. If he got the job he would have to manage a team that is nowhere near as good as the one he played in.

“He would have to find that happy medium between being understanding and being a winer. That is what Roy Keane is, a winner.

“The game has changed though and man-management is an absolute must. It is fine being a pundit and being harsh but when it is your own team, you have to adapt and take a softer approach.

“There is no doubt that he has the credentials for the job though.

“The one thing you cannot afford to do is lose the team. Look at what happened to Mourinho at Spurs, he lost the players.”  

The biggest problem with Keane is that Celtic need a long-term solution rather than a short-term fix, and everything about Keane suggests that he would be the latter.

It’s easy to see him coming in and immediately getting results by firing the team up, but that approach will wear-off as time goes on and he’ll then leave a broken dressing room and an even bigger mess.

He was an utterly fantastic player and he’s enjoyable as a pundit, but this doesn’t look like the job for him.

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