Pundit’s “Respectable” comments must assume Celtic fans have seriously lowered their expectations

We probably all knew deep down that Celtic wouldn’t win the title every season until the end of time, but there was no reason to believe that the current run should come to an end.

They were still miles clear of the competition and had the resources to ensure that the gap could widen further, but accusations have been made about going for the cheaper option or “falling asleep at the wheel”

There are arguments to be made that the recruitment was scaled back and perhaps the players and coaching staff became arrogant and complacent, but it’s really just been a failure on a collective basis.

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It’s understandable that Neil Lennon is coming under pressure for his job and his best work recently has come from continuing success rather than building it from scratch, so you would  nervous about him getting the chance to overhaul this team in the summer.

It’s still not clear what will happen with his future, while a report from Football Insider has looked at Noel Whelan’s thoughts on the matter.

In a way you can understand his stance, but it also sets alarm bells ringing:

The decision will be made when they see how far away they are from Rangers at the end of the season. That’s a big part of it, it doesn’t matter right now. We know they aren’t going to win the Premiership.

“It’s about how respectable he [Lennon] can make it before the end of the season. There’s no doubt that this season is a massive disappointment for Celtic despite winning the cup. The league was the big one and they’ve not even challenged for it.” 

Celtic went into this season on the basis that winning 10IAR was vital and it had to be the priority, so there’s no way that simply trying to keep it respectable in 2nd place will do.

If Lenny can win every game between now and the end of the season and give the impression that he’s turned it all around then perhaps there’s a conversation to be had, but simply reducing the gap to single digits is no where near enough to suggest he’s the man to turn this team around.

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