Racist Lazio banner merits severest of UEFA punishments

Racist Lazio banner deserves severe punishment – closure of the stand that displayed the offensive banner…

It will be interesting to see how UEFA deal with Lazio after the disguising banners their supporters aimed at the Celtic fans on Tuesday night. One in particular which can be construed as racist and glorifying genocide by mocking those who perished in the nineteenth century Irish famine.

And that’s the one that was displayed inside the Stadio Olimpico so there is no get out opportunity for UEFA on this one.

As Celtic supporters we’ve had to listen to this disgraceful and discriminatory bile for many a year, but only in Scotland. It makes you wonder, how did the Lazio supporters get that information? It wouldn’t be cynical to suggest they had a helping hand with their distasteful and racist choice of words.

But from who I wonder? Well you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to uncover who was responsible. It’s clear that sick minds merged for this disgraceful exercise. Yes our rivals from across the city will have undoubtedly been more than helpful in helping their Italian counterparts conjure up their derogatory message aimed at the travelling Celtic supporters.

Both sets of supporters deserve each other due to their nasty, backward beliefs and political views. It will be interesting to see UEFA’s response to the racist banners. Although knowing them they will most likely turn a blind eye, a bit like their colleagues in Scotland.

We’ll not bother to show you their other disgusting banners.

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  1. The Celtic Board have a duty to tackle UEFA on this one, but have they the guts to do it? Have they commented yet? Have they contacted the Rome club? Our Chairman has a place at the UEFA top table. Does he have the morality to take this forward? Do we now have the Kelly’s and Whites back in another guise? It is time our Board stood up to all the s—-t thrown at our club. We had an absolute gem in Fergus. The bunnet called it as he saw it without fear of anyone. There is no one on our Board who is anywhere near him for professionalism, honesty and fearlessness. It is demoralising how much we are taken for granted.

  2. Lot of squeeling in this article. I’ve known several Lazio fans over the years, some of them Curva Nord regulars and they all liked Celtic due to the DiCanio connection and also because they seen Celtic as a rebel team, not the establishment club. Lazio are not one of the establishment clubs in Italy. Thats likely not the case anymore, clearly some sort of ill feeling has been generated now. The Lazio fans are totally bemused at the way they are perceived by others, as fascist and racist, which they largely are not.

    The Goon Brigade made some pretty hostile digs at Lazio fans a few years back involving a noose and urging our visitors to do likewise. Not entirely tasteful. There’s a lot of children now in the Celtic support that see themselves as political activists first, football fans second and who frankly take themselves way too seriously. Especially for ones so ignorant of the current facts and the historical ones.

    Lets not cry and whinge when some of our fans dish it out and we then have to take some back. Its undignified and embarrassing!

  3. Martin Blackshaw on

    People are so soft these days, so easily offended by a few harsh words. If I recall correctly, the Green (Red) Brigade once held up some offensive banner in an Italian stadium referencing Mussolini, so the low IQ is on both sides. There are too many hardships for too many people in life these days to get all hot and bothered over this trivial garbage.

    • It doesn’t matter who done what and when. If that banner was anti semite or anti Muslim all the world media would have been all over it but as usual anti Irish/ catholic is ok. Our own club are silent on it , no surprise there.