“Raging, love it” These fans react to Kris Boyd’s half time meltdown on Sky Sports coverage

We’ve started to see pundits being an obvious fan of one club, especially on Sky Sports. The English coverage has Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher who are generally balanced, but it appears Kris Boyd hasn’t got that memo.

Sky’s coverage of Scottish football has been questionable for a while, but Boyd’s fury at half time today was something to behold.

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The ball does hit Eddy’s hand on the way in, but the ref’s angle isn’t the best and it’s on the wrong side for the linesman to see it. Yes it’s a mistake, but it’s not a conspiracy:

Try telling that to Kris Boyd, as he proclaimed “Rangers have been done by a ref’s decision yet again”. If we could at least have some pundits who can pretend to stay professional it would be appreciated.

It’s been noticed by a lot of fans, and these reactions on Twitter are something to behold:

Let’s be fair to Kris Boyd, he had a couple of advert breaks to calm down and have another go at his reaction, but he doubled down and continues to criticise the ref for getting it wrong.

When you see the ref’s angle on the replay, he can’t see the hand and would have to guess. It’s a clear example which will strengthen the argument for VAR in football, but if the ref’s don’t have the technology then we can’t ask them to guess if they don’t know.

At least the Rangers have an excuse ready made if they don’t perform in the second half now.

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