Following Celtic’s Dead Rubber Derby defeat on Saturday theRangers supporters and the media have been in full propaganda swing, it can be annoying but humorous all the same.

In what was our first defeat in the league since September, the reaction has been way over the top as usual. This campaign has seen us accumulate a impressive 95 points out of a possible 105 to clinch the League title, and with the League Cup also in the bag and a Scottish Cup final looming, a possible treble is on the cards. A record breaking eighth.

As much as getting beat in the manner we did at the weekend, is disappointing, it matters not a jot in the end as it was essentially meaningless. Like most sides who clinch the title Celtic took their foot off the gas in the next game. The mindset is different when there’s nothing to play for, and also when the pressure is off as in the case of theRangers.

If this was a game that mattered I can guarantee it would have been a different outcome. Recent history has proven that Celtic can handle the pressure moments while theRangers wilt, it’s not an opinion, it’s a fact, this seasons results prove just that.

Saturdays win is being celebrated as a ‘bragging rights’ victory, a new cup to put in the Ibrox trophy room alongside the ceramics from around the world.

Nicolas Raskin is now targeting a Belgium call up, Tick Tock Todd is now a £40 million player, and Michael Spiel is the new Pep Guardiola and so on, you know the drill.

 Matt O’Riley of Celtic is challenged by John Souttar of Rangers FC during the Cinch Premiership match between Rangers and Celtic at Ibrox Stadium on May 13, 2023. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

They must be the most deluded set of supporters and players in world football, aided by just as a deluded media I may add. The stuff they drink at Ibrox must be good. In a season they finished empty handed while their rivals relentlessly strolled to a title and a possible historic treble they sure seem a happy bunch. Very easily pleased.

The fact of the matter is that Celtic won the games that mattered, we were too strong for theRangers in the Premiership, too strong for them in the League Cup and the same outcome occurred in the Scottish Cup.

Forget all the hysteria surrounding a meaningless win, they all know the truth, everyone connected to the Ibrox club whether it’s the supporters, the players or management, each and everyone of them all know that Celtic have had the better season.

It’s not even up for debate. Celtic will only get stronger thanks to our stability on and off the park. theRangers on the other hand are the opposite. It’s a good job that they’re happy with failure, they might need to get used to it for the foreseeable future.

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