Rangers move for Welsh star: but I’d rather do it Celtic’s way…

News broke early on Deadline Day afternoon that theRangers had had a loan bid accepted for Aaron Ramsey, much to everyone’s surprise.

Burnley, Wolves, Crystal Palace and even money-laden Newcastle had been in the hunt for his services, as Juventus fancied getting him off the wage bill after falling out of favour with Massimiliano Allegri.

The Welshman, who starred for Wales at the Euros in the summer, will undoubtedly bring a touch of class to the Scottish Premiership in an attempt to drag theRangers over the line. There is no denying his quality.

But have theRangers not learned from their past endeavours financially, both at the current club and the old one that went bust reportedly owing over  £100m in debts that were never paid

Reports have claimed that the club were initially willing to pay £280,000-per-week, which raised almost every eyelid in Scotland as to how the club could afford to pay that.

It has since transpired that theRangers are set to pay £120,000-per-week for his services; which is still a ridiculously astronomical fee, According to the Scotsman, only four teams in the entire league pay more than that for their ENTIRE wage bill per week – with Hearts and Aberdeen only paying their players a combined £140,000-per-week.

It could be yet another red card for Rangers in terms of their financial outlook. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Celtic have done it the correct way. A report from a Japanese website found that Reo Hatate only earned around £1,500-per-week last season; meaning that for every 80 weeks of Hatate’s, you could gain just one week of Ramsey.

Isn’t this financial mishandling to appease theRangers’ over-expecting, sanctimonious fans the exact reason the old club plummeted into liquidation and a new club had to start life in the fourth tier of Scottish football in 2012 anyway?

As I stated before, there is no denying Ramsey’s quality, but having played just six games all season and having injury problems anyway, this is such a huge, huge risk for the side from Ibrox.

Give me Hatate, Ideguchi, Maeda and Kyogo instead of Ramsey anyday, for that money.

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  1. Rangers didn’t “plummet to the fourth tier 2012”, Rangers were liquidated in 2012, and a new club started in the fourth tier, claiming to be the old club

      • Some great writers on here but is this lad even a Celtic fan? “will undoubtedly bring a touch of class to the Scottish Premier League and drag theRangers over the line.” Firstly it’s called the premiership. Secondly is he now predicting them winning the league? Didn’t even see the plummeted to the fourth tier thing. Crazy article

    • Why does everyone think these overrated ex epl player’s are worth vast wages, dozens have come to the spl and failed miserably.

  2. Will
    ‘ the exact reason the club plummeted to the fourth tier in 2012 anyway?’

    The club died Will.
    A new club, originally called sevco scotland replaced them in the Scottish leagues even though they didn’t have 3 years accounts.
    Try and catch up Will, it was all over the media for weeks in 2012.

  3. It’s not much of a gamble to be fair as you are looking at possibly 2.5m in wages over the next 4 months and it would be worth it just to play against Celtic on the 2nd of Feb. Lose that and with Celtic having enough to beat most teams and then almost a full squad to pick from in next 5/6 weeks for next Derby, Rangers lose title. Win on 2nd, move 5 points clear and possible 40m Champs league money to buy Ramsay in Summer.

    • This guy has hardly kicked a ball this season ,so, maybe he won’t be able to do much on Wed. He’s 31 into the bargain.