Rangers Tax Case Blogger Trolling Zombies on Halloween/ Liquidation Day

Happy Halloween, or as it’s called at Ibrox Tuesday…It’s their Liquidation Day and to mark the occasion the outstanding Rangers Tax Case blogger has come out of his Internet Bampot hibernation to troll the Zombies and enjoy his Halloween! Here’s what’s happened…

Today is Halloween. The day kids and adults alike dress up in costume and guise as all sorts of folk ranging from monsters, to superheroes.

In Scottish football there is one club who guise all year round pretending to be someone else, or something else. Yes theRangers Football Club. Sevco, or however they are like to masquerade as a long gone

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The SMSM and governing bodies are the adults behind the door who pass them their bag of sweeties and play along with their costume charade. They of course pretend to be the old incarnation of their forefathers, Rangers Football Club (the one ti this day that’s still mentioned on their stadium’s gates) who perished in 2012.

They train on a daily basis at the old club’s facilities. they don the same club badge of the dead club on their training attire.


They play week in week out at the dead club’s stadium donning the same colours and badge as the condemned club. The same supporters even continue to follow the new club pretending it’s the old club (but deep down they all know the truth). It’s spooky but tragic.

Everyone knows this apart from apparently them, well they do but they are just in denial. They still haven’t let go, I suppose it is a tough part of the grieving process.

Spookily this day on 2012 also happens to be the day that Rangers football club was liquidated. Happy Halloween.

The outstanding blogger of the Internet Bampot era was of course Rangers Tax Case and he’s been active today…

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  1. Why shouldn’t the Rangers double from 2000 be included in the stripping honours count?
    Craig Moore was using a DOS Ebt and he played in over 20 league games and 4 Scottish Cup ties.
    I feel the void amount should be 17.