Reaction – ‘Mend your ways or go,’ Green Brigade told. This a ‘deluded view,’ Mise le meas

WORTH noting some reaction to Jim Hester’s Opinion piece on the Green Brigade, titled The Green Brigade are part of the Club but not bigger than Celtic which we published earlier this evening.

Opinion seems to be evenly divided on Jim’s straight forward and well expressed personal opinion and it’s a subject that all the support have a view on. What everyone does agree on is that the Green Brigade do bring a great deal to the overall Celtic experience, are an important match day ingredient at both Celtic Park and the away games and that a solution to the current dispute and stand-off with the Celtic Board needs to be found as soon as possible, preferably before next weekend when we want Celtic to be at full strength on the park and in the stands.

Here’s what another one of our readers, John Wall had to say about Jim’s Opinion piece.

“Probably the most honest, comprehensive yet concise review yet. Overwhelmingly Celtic supporters have said “mend your ways or go”. It has also given the huge silent majority the opportunity to state that it is not just the pyros they take issue with but the usurping of Celtic Park to turn it into their political platform and the incessant singing of pro republican songs by hundreds of kids who have never experienced any part of a horrific conflict which cost the lives of many innocents on all sides and none.

If we lay claim to be a world leading club open to all we must act accordingly. H H.”

An alternative point of view, and perhaps a little more philosophical one, comes from PJ who urges us to look at the bigger picture.

“Here’s an opinion that should be printed.

I certainly agree that the Green Brigade should knock the Pyro on the head, but as to what Jim Hester claims to be political ‘Party Pieces’, perhaps if Jim knew the history of the club he wouldn’t be so quick to degenerate.

The problem with Celtic Park these days and society in general, is their ignorance of what occurred in the very near past. They buy the fake news peddled on the BBC, Fox News and CNN and would probably have great difficulty in spelling their own names correctly if it wasn’t for the spellcheckers on their digital apparatus.

They believe whatever they are told in the now, and deign to forget all that has happen in the past.

The sooner these people are weeded out of Celtic Park and the sooner that their ignorance are silenced society in general and thus the outlook for the human race will certainly take an upward trajectory.

Giving them a voice on a forum is merely aiding and abetting their deluded views.

Mise le meas.


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