Ready For The Future! Names on Seats in the Club Deck

“Does anyone know what the names on the seats are in club deck?” asked a Rangers supporter.

Here’s some of the answers he received and it tells you a great deal about the lie that is hiding behind this question. It is also pretty clear that despite what they say, they know it’s a lie too…

Straight away his question is answered, with a fellow Bear replying: “Original “Seat for life” Debenture holders.”

“Are they still on?” asked another. “Will need to take a trip up there this season for old times sake and see me and the old man’s names.”

The original questioner seemed grateful for the responses and the explanation, saying: “Got a season ticket there last season and this and kept meaning to ask.”

Another guy has some great memories of his old seat: “Had seats there from Club Deck opening until Admin. Great seats, with a great view and a some great memories!”

A few complaints next: “I presume mine and two sons are on what used to be our seats up there still. Still disappointed the new regime didn’t honour at least the ‘first call’ on season ticket rights for the Club Deck. Would have cost nothing and would have eased some of the pain of the spiv years.”

Then this: “My name was on my seat in the main stand front, as Murray conned me in to some money making scheme called Ready For The Future, or something like that.”

And: “My name will be up there. Bought a bond years ago.”

Ready for the Future? “That was blue heaven, we pay 2 seasons worth of season tickets I think and it was due to give us the rights to that seat for so many years. Around the time of the corners being built if I remember correctly.”

Really Fu@k the future! “My name was on my seat in the main stand front, as Murray conned me in to some money making scheme called Ready For The Future, or something like that.
Murray’s scheme it should have said “Really Fu@k the future” he sold us down the river.

The passing of time: “Makes me feel old knowing that there are fellow bears out there that don’t know what these are.”

David Murray’s not to blame! “Murray didn’t con anyone re the Bond seats. The con came later when the new regime saw an opportunity to reclaim the seats without honouring the debentures. They didn’t need to do that.”

Acknowledging loss: “I don’t know if my name’s still on the seat, doesn’t really matter debenture isn’t coming back.”

No reply from the club: “I wrote to the club recently, I proposed that even if it was made available for original debenture holders to ‘buy back’ the rights for a reduced fee then it could generate a decent amount of cash for the club. No reply as standard from the club. Some things just stay the same.”

Maybe he should have written to the Holding Company that operates the club?

More details here: “Names on seat from Ready for Future, 25 year deal from 1995 when seats changed to all blue and plans to fill in corners were announced. £230 payment to guarantee your seat until 2020!”

Not the same club: “Me and my dad had ready for the future . Also got a card which gave you 10% off in the rangers shop, but the club now refuse to honour this. The last time I tried to use it the girl at the counter said it was basically because we weren’t the same club so they wouldn’t accept it.”

It was the holding company that operated the club that died, not the club! Must be a Sports Direct staffer he spoke to. Ashley on the wind-up!

Dave King to the rescue: “Dave King has said he wanted to buy back the old company name in the past. Why can’t he go somewhere near recognising those bears who put in the extra money for debentures he was on our board? Say for £187.20 for your seat back and hopefully bears in those seats might be understanding what do you think?”

Great idea! £187.20 to the current holding company that owns the club club.

Oldco v Newco. “Wasn’t the Debenture – or loan – with Oldco? Newco now own the stadium so unless they transfer the rights across, which they haven’t, we don’t have any rights to old seats.”

Seems pretty clear. Or it it? “The way the debenture worked was that if there was an insolvency event, the club had to repay us the debenture payment. That’s why we are all creditors. We have lost our debenture rights because it was with the old company.

“The names are still on the seats because no one has got round to removing them or the club has decided there is no need to.”

So the club has to make the repayment if there was an insolvency event?

Thought it was the holding company that operated the club that had the insolvency event, NOT the club so why has the club got to pay for this?

Totally Confused, away for a (big fat) lie down.

Hope you enjoyed the read…


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