Reconstruction bid fails as Celtic await confirmation of 9IAR

AS CELTIC posted a 13 point gap over Rangers, you would be forgiven for picturing how to celebrate when 9IAR was sealed. You might’ve pictured what ground it was at, how it would be won, if Celtic would increase the margin of victory and how sweet it would be.

However, following Celtic’s 5-0 win over St Mirren, the situation deteriorated rapidly regarding Coronavirus and a lockdown became inevitable. The situation worsened further and football became a secondary distraction to the grave reality that was unfolding.

The well-documented SPFL vote concluded with the Premiership being postponed indefinitely with the ability to declare the league over. Reconstruction was tabled to discuss potentially creating a new league, which could potentially mitigate the losers in this whole unfortunate episode.

The task-force, headed up by Ann Budge, declared yesterday that the bid had failed due to a lack of support within the top decision. This meant that Stranraer, Partick Thistle and Hearts are to be relegated with Falkirk remaining in League One.

Aberdeen’s Dave Cormack confirmed that the move had failed after failing to gain the support of the group tasked with exploring the potential possibilities.

“The strong feeling of the group was that we must focus all of our energies on emerging from the crisis we face, due to the pandemic, on getting back to playing football safely and getting fans back into grounds as soon as practicably possible.

“Whilst the group sympathises with the plight of the situation the relegated teams are faced with, it concluded that this is not the right time to consider immediate reconstruction in the midst of a crisis. But the group is willing to engage in and pick up on these discussions once we are through COVID-19.”

Falkirk released a damning statement calling it an ‘utter shambles’ and blasting clubs for acting in self interest. The League One club released their vicious reply to the statement by Cormack, demanding change.

“I have already embarked upon discussions with other clubs who share my anger and we will be considering the next steps to take over the weekend. I will keep you informed as matters progress but for now the club has made it clear that we cannot support this unfair decision taken by six clubs and supported by those at the SPFL. Change is required.”

Six Premiership clubs rejected the notion of any change ‘at present time’. Although that does not state that it is off the table, it merely kicks it into the long grass.

Falkirk and Hearts have positioned themselves to advocate for reconstruction out of their own self-interest and that is coincidentally the reason that it has failed. Meaningful change will not been enabled until teams stop acting in their self interest and act in the common good of the Scottish game.

Now, the likelihood is that 9-in-a-row will be confirmed by a tweet. An unfortunate end to the 2019/20 campaign but it is one that when all is considered, is the only way that it can be celebrated. It is not the fanfare that Celtic deserve for all the work that Neil Lennon and his team have done in the last year.

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Born just as Celtic were stopping the Ten, Lubo98 follows Celtic home and away and helps run his local Celtic Supporters Club. He goes to all the games and is a Law Graduate. Has a particular fondness for Tom Rogic among the current Celts and both Lubo and Henrik form his earliest Celtic memories.

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