Reminder on Alex Rae describing Celtic star as a utility player

A timely reminder that one the the men now charged with running theRangers once described Reo Hatate as a utility player…

Alex Rae along with Steven Davies and a few others have been handed the task of temporarily running theRangers after the dismissal of Michael Beale. Described as an ‘experienced’ coach (he’s been fired in every position he’s held) by theRangers in a statement, Alex is seen as a good fit by their supporters. He does tick all the boxes, he wears brown brogues and is staunch after all.

Those of you who have listened to Alex Rae on the radio or witnessed his punditry on television won’t be worrying anytime soon.  Alex isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, making Barry Ferguson seem like a footballing equivalent to Einstein in comparison.

A couple of years back while working for on Clyde1’s Superscoreboard (unmissable this evening), Alex described a new Celtic signing as being merely a  ‘utility’ player.’ The player in question? None other than Reo Hatate. Yes the same Reo Hatate who came in and scored a double against Alex’s favourites and established himself as one of the best players in this country, breaking into the Japan national side in the summer.

Reo is now worth around £15-20 million mark after signing a five year contract extension at Celtic on Friday and he is seen as one of the most talented players to play in this country for years. That is just an example of Alex’s in-depth knowledge of the game, he clearly knows a good footballer when he sees one!

There are many more instances of him putting his foot in his big mouth and we’re sure to get many more while he’s in the dug-out for theRangers as they try to chase down high-flying St Mirren.

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  2. What you missed out was, at the time he was calling a “utility player”, he was calling James Sands “a great acquisition”

  3. If sevco think that 5hey are frightening other teams by installing Rea as a coach,well he could only frighten himself. !. Throw a couple of carrots and he will demollish them like a rabbit. Those teeth are dangerous!! Crunch crunch, bunny boy.!! What a position this little midden is thrown into, as he has been sacked from every job he has had in football.!! Please please give him the job permantly!!! PLEASE!!HAIL HAIL.

  4. I just think you care too much about what’s happening across the city at a wee club, merely twelve years in existence!
    I sincerely don’t care what happens with them. I just want us to keep winning and the rest will take care of itself.

    • Hi Joe, Plenty of articles on The Celtic Star and across other sites yesterday yet this one had the highest audience…