Report suggests there’s still no need for Celtic to panic over Eddie Howe

John Kennedy was appointed as the interim manager when Neil Lennon left earlier in the year, but it wasn’t clear what the plan was going forward.

Ideally someone new would’ve come in to get to grips with the squad before the summer, but most managers like to wait until the end of the season to take over so that wasn’t always going to be possible.

Eddie Howe is still the man that many expect to take over, but the delay in anything being agreed is always going to open up space for speculation.

A report from Football Fan Cast has looked at the situation, and it still doesn’t sound like there’s any need to panic just yet.

It’s suggested that both sides are comfortable with where they are in negotiations, but there are areas where they’re apart and that will need to be fixed.

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Ultimately this could come down to the DOF appointment as it’s believed that Howe wants to bring in his own man, while Celtic want to have someone separate who isn’t going to leave if Howe moves on in a couple of years.

Obviously there will be fans who are getting anxious because bad decisions have been made by the board in the past, so the ultimate fear is that this falls through and there’s no back-up plan.

The last thing we need to see is some kind of short-term fix in charge when the squad needs to be overhauled, as it’s likely to result in an even bigger mess down the line.

It’s also stated that Howe wants to wait until the summer so hopefully something can be sorted soon, but the season is also just about over so it is time for the board to accelerate their efforts.

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  1. I think Eddie Howe would be great, but also maybe we should think big and go for mourhino…