Rodgers considers two striker option with a Kyogo and Oh pairing

Sunday showed we can do with two up top. If we learned anything from our win at Perth on Sunday it was that we operate better with two strikers.

It was quite clear we looked a different team with the presence and strength of Oh alongside Kyogo and the final result proves the point. Kyogo looks isolated up on his own, and as good a striker he is, he needs a helping hand as he’s not the most physical of footballers.

Not just on Sunday, but in previous games this season it’s been pretty evident. Brendan had a few choice words with his players after the disastrous first half display at McDiarmid Park with Mikey Johnston replacing Yang who was having a nightmare of a match.

Will he also have learned a thing or two himself from the game and perhaps think of a change of formation? Not in every game, but most games domestically when teams sit in against us. It showed against St Johnstone that we operate so much better with the two strikers and it got us the result in the end.

Time will tell if Brendan will change his formation to combat such tactics. Maybe starting with Hibs on Wednesday night!

Today at his media Conference ahead of the match against Hibs Brendan Rodgers confirmed that he is not averse to playing with two strikers and recognised the important role that Oh has played coming off the bench this season. He did however hint that the three striker policy – one on the right, one on the left and the other through the middle (ie a striker and two wingers) – would remain.

Maybe though Rodgers could give Oh a chance to start a game with Kyogo coming off the bench after an hour?

Watch Brendan discuss the option of playing with two strikers at his media conference today…

Just an Ordinary Bhoy

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  1. Allaboutceltic on

    Why would any decent striker want to come to Celtic if they knew we will only ever play with 1 up front and that 1 will always be Kyogo.

    I would be playing 2 more often than not, but also play with just the 1 from time to time just to keep the opposition guessing.

    Only my opinion…