“Rodgers failed first time around at Celtic – all the evidence suggests will fail again” Gary Keown

Oh Gary, how bitter and deluded. It did give us all a good laugh though…

Gary Keown who writes for the Scottish Daily Mail is currently trending on X due to his ill fated comments on Brendan Rodgers a year ago. Gary in his weekly column boldly predicted that Brendan would fail in his second spell in the Celtic dugout.

Fair enough if that’s his opinion, but he worded it as ‘Brendan failed first time around at Celtic – and all evidence suggests he will fail again’. Failed first time around! Really Gary? Seven domestic trophies out of a possible seven? An Invincible treble? A Double Treble? Creating Scottish football history?

If that’s failure I want more failure this time around! Although we only managed the double in Brendan’s first season this time around so maybe Gary is right!

Gary focused on Brendan’s European record as some sort of credibility for his inane drivel. Yes it wasn’t the most successful record on the big stage, but we were mainly playing in the biggest competition in world football in the champions league. A competition we were hardly going to win. We played Manchester City who came to Glasgow having won every game in the Premier League up to that point and they were lucky to get out of Paradise with a draw in that remarkable 3-3 draw. We also got a draw down at their place too.

Brendan gave us unsurpassed domestic success, and has continued that in his second spell. Europe is a challenge for next year, when he has starts to see a squad that he has an impact on. This time around Brendan Rodgers used what was there, gave all the summer projects their place and only really had one signing that was his own idea and that was Adam Idah, in the loan deal from Norwich City at the end of January. Remind us how that one worked out Gary?

To say Brendan was a failure first time around is nothing but sheer delusion. Let’s hope the failure continues for the next couple of years.

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  1. William Melvin on

    It wasn’t Rodgers who was a failure in Europe the first time he was manager.
    That shame should be laid at the door of the fat parasite Lawwell !
    Give Brendan the tools to make a decent fist of it in the Champions League this season or you can ram your 4 game package up yer arse !!!

  2. Thanks for your article … one thing this moron gets paid for and has gotten is a reaction …. that’s all . He’s given license to spout absolute garbage on the strength this will generate sales of physical newspaper and digital clicks .

    I know it’s probably not possible for you to publish comments , or ask that any Celtic supporting persons SHOULD NOT BUY , or even CLICK on any GK or even Daily Mail articles … ( I thank you for doing us this service ) but I will in this comments section .

    Deny him the oxygen that allows his bigotry to breathe , DON’T click on or react to any of the imbecilic nonsense that dribbles onto his keyboard only to subsequently appear in print or in digital form . This can be our strength!

  3. This is why rags like the Record are done—journalists who are inept at best but probably just biased and useless at their job. It must be the easiest gig in the world to sit there and churn out shite with nobody to call you out. Let’s face it if Keith Jackass is the Chief Sports journalist at that particular rag the ones below him are going to be bad, and they are. How can you equate 9 trophies with failure? As I’ve said before and was pointed out in this article we were playing the best teams in Europe,look what happens when his team gives that a shot.. The worst group stage performance from any team to play in CL.

  4. Andrew Welsh on

    These so called journalists can’t say anything good about Celtic. Every August it’s TheRangers will win the league. There’s no doubt we could be better in Europe but we’re not the worst team in champions league history.

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