Rosenborg v Celtic – channel, station, location

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PREMIER SPORTS are showing the Rosenborg v Celtic game this evening and you can also get pictures on Channel 552 if you have Virgin TV.

David Potter, just sent over a message that he didn’t realise this and suggested that we flag it up incase there are other supporters unaware that the game is being shown on that channel.

“Just a thought,” David wrote. “Do your readers know that tonight’s game is available on Channel 552 for those with Virgin TV? I didn’t, until I noticed it almost by accident a few minutes ago. Might be an idea to tell them? Or maybe they are more savvy than I am!”

Well you know now.

If you are outside the UK, Ireland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden and are a subscriber to Celtic TV then the game will be shown there.

If you subscribed to Premier Sports for the month to catch these games, don’t forget to cancel or you’ll be charged on-going.



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