Ross County’s Beautiful Sunday, Celtic? “A Disgrace”, “This was awful”, “Shambles” David Potter

And this was awful! Just what on earth was all this about, Celtic? No-one can possibly defend that performance, and it seems now that these five wins in a row were just a facade which has failed to conceal the long term malaise that is affecting our beloved club. I just hope that those responsible for this shambles are feeling one hundredth part of the hurt that the supporters are feeling.

Scott Bain, Callum McGregor, David Turnbull and Johnjoe Kenny earn pass marks. The others, I’m afraid, have a lot to answer for. Ryan Christie will inevitably be the main target for the supporters’ bile. In his defence, he was out of position. He has never been a striker. He has been a talented midfielder who occasionally scores goals, sometimes brilliant ones, but he is not a striker, and tonight he had a terrible game with some dreadful misses, one that was barely believable in the first half.

Photo: Jeff Holmes

Maybe, after all, he does need a change of career and it hurts to say that about such a talented player. And Odsonne Edouard! When are we going to grasp the nettle about that man? He can take goals, yes, but he has to be able to do so consistently, and even to look upset when he doesn’t produce the goods!

The central defenders let themselves down badly at the goal. It was simply an object lesson in how to take a goal. It is collective responsibility. It is not good enough to point the finger at one man. They all have to take responsibility. And why can’t we deliver like that and take a goal like that?

Full marks to Ross County, and I hope they save themselves from relegation. They are a decent outfit in a very civilised Scottish town and are a lesson to all the other “small” teams of Scotland who hide behind the name of “small” to excuse their own inadequacies.

Photo: Jeff Holmes

Nor can we blame the referee David Munro. That penalty we claimed for half-heartedly was as much a penalty as the one that Derek McInnes and Aberdeen got upset about the other night – it was no penalty at all!

For Celtic, there is no excuse. Celtic cyberspace for the next week will be seething, justifiably so, for it is just not good enough for Celtic to have a season like this. We felt for a spell that a corner was being turned and that some sort of respectability was being achieved but tonight has scattered that to the four winds. It is perhaps just as well we have lockdown. The A9 would have been a desolate road to drive down after a disgrace like that.

And where do we go from here? I still want there to be a Scottish Cup this season, but we really must now think about August and a fresh start with fresh faces.

David Potter

Photo: Vagelis Georgariou

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I am Celtic author and historian and write for The Celtic Star. I live in Kirkcaldy and have followed Celtic all my life, having seen them first at Dundee in March 1958. I am a retired teacher and my other interests are cricket, drama and the poetry of Robert Burns.

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  1. Dismal no pride The league was long gone securing second place is all we have to the end of the season. When The rangers win their 1st league and if they win it before our game against them
    I want us to put on a guard of honour -Don’t Let the media try and make a big deal out of it
    Its a weird season anyway buts its our own fault poor decisions on signings , poor tactics ,players looking after their next move I feel for Brown I would give him a coaching role I also feel for Lennon but he knows how things go at this level