Sadly, writing is on wall for Abada’s time at Celtic

What now for Liel Abada?…

Celtic v St. Johnstone – Liel Abada in action at Celtic Park on August 26, 2023. Photo Steve Welsh

The writing looks very much on the wall for Liel Abada’s time as a Celtic player, and sadly so. He’s a terrific player with great potential, and one who is popular amongst the Celtic supporters, but unfortunately due to circumstances outwith both his own or the club’s control, it looks very likely he will be leaving Celtic come the end of the season.

It’s not exactly come as a surprise, as Liel’s body language on the park tells you his heart and mind is not in it at the moment, and you can’t have that attitude if you’re playing for a club like Celtic, or any side for that matter.

Brendan said it was a possibility that Liel could very much leave the club so you’ve got to think he’s had a quiet word with Liel who in return told him he wants out.

Liel Abada Celtic, JULY 19, 2023 – Football / Soccer : Friendly match between Yokohama F.Marinos 6-4 Celtic FC at Nissan Stadium in Kanagawa, Japan.

His recent performances since he came back from injury are also an indicator that his head is not quite with it, especially in his appearance from the bench at Easter Road last Wednesday night. Brendan Rodgers today spoke of this as he told how Liel is being left out of the squad for tomorrow’s vital clash against Kilmarnock at Celtic Park.

That’s well within his rights, but it’s also within the club’s rights to hold out for the right offer for his services considering he just recently signed a five year extension to his contract. It’s a bit of a Catch 22 situation though as if he’s not playing his value will only naturally decrease.

Firstly though the most important thing is Liel, and that he’s dealing with things okay. The club as you would expect are doing all they can to see he’s doing fine, as the situation he’s currently in can’t be good for his mental health.

Maybe Brendan can get him back onto the field and in the right frame of mind but it seems increasingly doubtful. If Brendan can do that then it can benefit both the player and the club. However it doesn’t look likely at the minute, but we can only hope.

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  1. If this is the case, you have to congratulate the success of the witch-hunt the media in Scotland has driven. Yes, even supported by the ignorance of many Green Brigade members who masquerade as Celtic fans and use Paradise as their main podium.
    So in fact, instead of backing the team to further success, this bunch of ignorant, uneducated militants, ostracize a manager, real fans and players who can only bring success to the worlds biggest club.
    But instead, the tiny minds are sucked in and controlled by the Scottish media of all people!
    Congratulate yourselves! Your negativity once again goes before you, as you ruin not only a young man’s football career, but contued domination by Celtic.

    • What?

      If Liel’s conscience is affected now, rather than over the span of his life, then the moral compass he has is broken!

      Perhaps the over 12,000 children murdered by his home apartheid ethnostate should be more forefront of your mind as well as lol media in the west more than just Scotland?

      Perhaps the heartbreaking phone call from Hind Rajab and the atrocity carried out against her and her family weigh heavy?

      Perhaps the Nakba does too?

      Either.way I’d rather Celtic lose a player of potential than lose our soul and we allow outside pressures to allow us to abandon a cause that needs us now more than ever?