Same old story, now the Celtic Board need to invest

It’s the same old story, now the Celtic Board need to invest if we want to avoid being Europe’s whipping boys…

Referee Ivan Kruzliak shows a red card to Daizen Maeda of Celtic during the UEFA Champions League match between Atletico Madrid and Celtic FC at Civitas Metropolitano Stadium on November 07, 2023 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images)

Without sounding like a broken record, we need to invest in the squad if we want to stand any change of being able to compete in European football. Last night’s result is just one of a long list of case-studies that show that whatever Celtic is doing just isn’t working.

We have a bloated squad at Lennoxtown and a youth system that is not fit for purpose. The Celtic B team is pointless, quite literally, in the Champions League and the notion that the Lowland League is a good idea that we’re actually paying for would be laughable, if it wasn’t so dreadful.

MADRID, SPAIN – NOVEMBER 07: Alistair Johnston and Greg Taylor of Celtic look dejected after the team’s defeat in the UEFA Champions League match between Atletico Madrid and Celtic FC at Civitas Metropolitano Stadium on November 07, 2023 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images)

We just recently posted record revenue results, we are in a healthy financial position and yet we are still well short of competing in European football and that on recent seasons includes even the Conference League never mind the Champions League.

No one is saying we need to go crazy and spend multi millions, we know it’s not possible due to our financial landscape, but we can spend more than we do. It’s well within our capabilities.

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Three or four quality faces would make such a difference. For example a quality keeper, left back, midfielder and a striker could well make a difference to us at his level. Would Celtic invest £20m in that? Unlikely but we can expect a few project signings in January.

We don’t need more projects Mr Lawwell, but first team ready experienced players. Yes projects are a good idea but we’ve no need for any more for a few years at least. Develop the ones we’ve got and if that fails get rid.

We’ve got the financial means, we’ve got to utilise them. A club our size should be striving to compete at Champions League level. Clubs in similar stature to us do it. There is no excuse.

The money men at Celtic Park do a fine job up to a point, but they could do with loosening the purse strings for once and backing the manager and the support. There are accusations that they are happy just to be top dogs in Scotland. It’s beginning to look that way. It’s time for Celtic to aim higher. There is no excuse as we have the money.

If they continue to ignore it, humiliating results like last night will continue to be a regular occurrence and now the Celtic support is starting to show that enough is enough. It’s no longer acceptable.  Over to you Mr Nicholson, Mr Lawwell and Mr Desmond.

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  1. The late great Bobby Rodson was interviewed after his Barcelona team beat Celtic in a friendly at Celtic Park (late 1990’s) he said “ Fantastic fans, great stadium, shame about the team” Nothing has really changed……….every team we play in Europe raves about the fantastic atmosphere etc but knows they are almost guaranteed points at CP.

    The board are happy to rake in millions in ticket sales and champs league money but the fans are being short changed big time. We are also missing out on 2 very important things and the Board SHOULD be interested in this. Huge bonus payments worth millions for draw or a win are on offer but we’re not picking up anything (apart from Atletico draw) the second one is coefficient points, we are dropping like a stone down the European rankings and at some stage it will come back to haunt us.

  2. Kinda missed the boat with this one. We have been in the fortunate position of having enough cash to invest in the team for years, and to be prepared for Europe, with more adequate players.
    Celtic have made it very clear for a great many years, that they have absolutely no interest in this, in any way, shape or form.
    The board are happy to keep us at the Scottish level, while ensuring their partners playing out of Ibrox can do the same. These are not football men, they are money men, they have no real interest in Celtic progressing, as the status quo keeps their pockets well lined.
    What needs to happen, and it’s been the same for years, is that the fans need to force change. But alas the fans have shown they have zero interest in this, as years of humiliation testify. The only bit I don’t understand is why people keep complaining about something they have no intention of changing.