Scandalous, nothing short of ridiculous – bitter McCoist after Celtic win Scottish Cup

Ally McCoist showing his true blue colours once again…

Ally McCoist yesterday gave his thoughts on theRangers losing the Scottish Cup Final as an Adam Idah goal in the 90th minute broke the deadlock and completed a brilliant Scottish Premiership and Scottish Cup double for Brendan Rodgers in his first season back in charge of the Hoops.

McCoist as we know, likes to portray himself as some sort of cheeky chappie character, and his on screen persona usually helps him live up to that image. But an image is all it is as Ally as we know has very bitter tendencies which most of the times he does well to hide, with the dosh from his extensive media work to consider.

Occasionally the mask slips and you will remember that he’s already shown these bitter feelings quite a few times in the past. In fact just a few weeks ago his true feelings came to the surface when he complained about the new hate law and admitted he would be breaking it with 50k others during the Glasgow Derby game at Ibrox in April where it was home supporters only (more madness brought to the Scottish game by the latest Ibrox outfit).

Yesterday McCoist’s  true blue personality came to the fore once more when he went on a rant on talkSport slaughtering the incompetence of the Scottish referees and VAR officials. Nothing wrong with that as our own manager dubbed them the same just a couple of months ago, and he too was correct.

But in Ally’s case, he’s wrong as on Saturday the rules of the game were applied and the right outcome was reached. Ally is only furious because he’s as a delusional as the rest of the Ibrox supporters. They seem to be using a still image to claim the push was okay or that there was a grab by Greg Taylor before there was the push.

What actually happened…

Raskin was being impeded so badly that he had time to take a few steps forward (with no one around him) and use both his arms to push Hart. Also, he fouls the keeper as the ball is in flight and in the box, clearly denying Hart making a play for the ball.”

McCoist’s ‘penalty to Rangers’ take…

Speaking on talkSPORT, McCoist said:

“Jeff, scandalous honestly but I have come to expect it. The incompetence of our officials is nothing short of ridiculous. It is bordering on embarrassing to tell you the truth. They disallowed the goal for a shove. Ok, there may be a little shove and I can understand that but they go back two seconds and they’ve got to give a penalty.”

McCoist is giving his deluded view on the incident as a supporter of theRangers and not a pundit. Had that incident occurred in the FA Cup Final at Wembley McCoist like everyone else would regard that as a foul on the goalkeeper.

Anyone remember that Albion Rovers goalkeeper being pushed into the net at Ibrox with the ball in his hands and the goal being given?

Not only has McCoist made a complete fool of himself, his venom was clear for all to see, further damaging his ‘cheeky chappie’ brand persona. McCoist might have an emotional connection to the Ibrox clubs, he was there first ever manager after all, but he’s meant to be a professional in his role as a pundit. Yesterday just further proves he’s as bitter and delusional as the rest of theRangers supporters.

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