Scotland 2 -1 Ireland – David Potter’s Hampden Reflections

I am aware that not all our readers will be as happy as I am about the result in last night’s game, but it was fine entertainment. No-one could really have complained if Ireland had earned a draw, but well done, Scotland! It is a fine change to see Scotland winning, and all the best for Tuesday night!

It was a good night for Celtic and ex-Celtic players. No-one disgraced Celtic. Craig Gordon had a fine save, Ryan Christie scored the penalty and Jack Hendry revealed a great deal of quality that, frankly, we did not always see at Parkhead. And the current Celtic players? Tony Ralston and Greg Taylor did themselves proud and Callum McGregor, although he had one bad mistake and a few minor ones, was basically quite sound, although there are times when I feel he could do with a rest. Stuart Armstrong was quiet and rightly substituted, and Kieran Tierney showed once again his propensity to pick up injuries.

Some other points. I notice that “The Soldiers Song” got booed by some of the Tartan Army. Don’t take it personally. They do the same with “God Save the King/Queen”. Why, incidentally, does Kieran Tierney not join in with “Flower of Scotland”? That song, incidentally, is a dreary dirge sometimes, but you would have to say that it is pretty bloodthirsty and is definitely anti the British Crown. Do you think Scotland will get charged by UEFA for being political?

And can someone explain to me why the REPUBLIC of Ireland wore ORANGE? You see, I always thought that … know what I am going to say! Has someone been kidding us on all those years? What with there now being more Roman Catholics in Northern Ireland than Protestants, Celtic wearing grey last week,and Scotland looking like they will win ther group, is the world really going mad?

Did anyone last night take a dislike to Martin O’Neiil? He was always on about how things were different when he was Manager of the Republic, (that clearly hurts!), he picked a fight with Michael Stewart over some tactical point which I struggled to understand, and there was a nasty sneer about Shaun Maloney having a cup of tea in Glasgow when Ireland were at the Euros. Martin was a fine Manager of Celtic, and it might have been a lot better if he had stayed at Parkhead.

I will be supporting Scotland on Tuesday, but must admit that I am looking forward to the restart of the “real” football on Saturday when Celtic take on Motherwell. I also hope that the Royal Family all see the week out without any further trauma. I don’t want another game off! And please, Celtic, wear the green and white, and look like Celtic. Play like Celtic, as well!

David Potter

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I am Celtic author and historian and write for The Celtic Star. I live in Kirkcaldy and have followed Celtic all my life, having seen them first at Dundee in March 1958. I am a retired teacher and my other interests are cricket, drama and the poetry of Robert Burns.


  1. Well I certainly won’t be supporting Scotland in any of there games,I remember the days when every Celtic player were booed by Scotland supporters,and going by the booing of all things Irish last night nothing has changed.The reason Ireland possibly wore orange its part of the Flag of the country as for Martin ONeill having a go I thought was part of having different people commenting on the game,maybe we should do what the Huns do and only have people who say what they think you want to hear

  2. Totally agree Charlie.The wonderful Tartan Army booing our anthem and our songs being sung.Many years ago I asked my dad why we didn’t go to Scotland games,although we were Irish,I wanted to see the Celtic players as often as possible.How naive I was.After much pestering,he agreed to take me to a Home International against the North of Ireland,I even bought a Scotland flag.We were in the Celtic end.My God,my eyes were opened that night,the abuse and booing of Celtic players mostly from the packed Mount Florida end ,was unbelievable.Chanting for one of their own club to be brought on to replace a Celt.My dad turned me round at half time and said’Now you know,do you want to leave?’ On the way out ,I ripped that flag up and I’ve never been to another Scotland game.
    P.S.KT doesn’t sing FOS because him and his mates and family know that many of the supporters are anti Celtic and Irish and is just playing because he is a consummate professional.

  3. The Orange strip would simply have been because that is one of the colours on the Irish flag. Although I can’t understand why there needed to be a change anyway?
    Whilst I realise that booing of the opposition national anthem is quite common I did think that the booing of Amhran na Bhfiann was a bit more vociferous than other anthems. Although maybe it was the occasion. Certainly the singing of Flower of Scotland was more passionate than before