Scotland at Euro 2024: Hate – Not In My Shirt

Hate not in my shirt is the message in support of the national team. Ironically and rather sadly we have a few clowns who will be cheering against their own nation and actually supporting England…

An uplifting mural appeared in Glasgow this week in support of the Scotland side competing at Euro 2024 in Germany. It shows an image of three Scotland players with the message: ‘Hate Not In My Shirt’ displayed in support of not only the team, but spreading the message that we are a nation welcome to all and that we will rise above the minority who wish to revel in hatred.

The people of this city and indeed the country are known for their love and welcoming of all, but sadly like many other places we do have our fair share of ignorant imbeciles who like embarrass us with their Neanderthal behaviour. Ironically those same folk will be the ones embarrassing us yet again as they snub the national side in their efforts to make history in Germany for Scotland.

This moronic element haven’t exactly been quiet about the hatred that they harbour for their own country for quite some time now, and will instead offer their support to our rivals from south of the border.

Yes to an outsider it’s quite remarkable. You wouldn’t in any other nation in the world see a native support their nearest rival. Imagine a Frenchman supporting Germany or vice versa? Or a Dutchman supporting Belgium? No it would never ever happen.

How any Scotsman can cheer on England over Scotland is a mystery to me and most right minded patriotic Scots. Especially when their own nation are competing in the same tournament. It’s a rivalry that’s being going on for years, and no it’s not hatred just good old fashioned sporting rivalry.

But the same can’t be said of the idiots who are turning their back on their nation as they are doing it through self-loathing for their own homeland. Forget the nonsense that it’s because of the SFA, the Tartan Army, the SNP, or Ryan Jack once got booed or whatever. It’s because of a warped hatred, pure, simple and rather sad.

Calling out hatred is the message and it’s the right one, but what chance do we have when our own countrymen and woman are turning their back on their own nation due to their own narrow-minded beliefs?

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