Scotland’s Shame! Celtic legend Chris Sutton receives death threats

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CHRIS SUTTON has confirmed that he has received a death threat and that the Police are now investigating the matter and plan to meet the former Celtic striker today.

Sutton, now a BT Sport Pundit and Columnist with the Record confirmed this sinister development this morning.

“I don’t want to go into any detail as this is a private matter and it is now in the hands of the police.

“Suffice to say, I have seen what’s been sent and it wasn’t a particularly pleasant thing to receive.”

Sutton reported the threat to Police near his home in England. The Record goes on to state that this latest death threat to be received by someone associated with Celtic, comes after referee John Beaton had also received a death threat. Has that been claimed before?

Celtic fans on social media have been looking for any evidence that Beaton has had his personal phone numbers shared and no-one can see anything at all. If you have seen anything please let us know.

Sutton called out Beaton for his disgraceful performance on 29 December which allowed Alfredo Morelos and other Rangers players free reign to kick, punch, slap and generally assault Celtic players.

The SFA Compliance Officer Clare Whyte reckons she was unable to intervene as Beaton referred to all the incidents in his match report and was happy taking no action against Morelos on any of the incidents.

Celtic have pounced on this, citing the decision by Whyte to charge Scott McKenna after Bobby Madden saw the high footed lunge by Scott McKenna on Osdonne Edouard earlier in the season. Aberdeen defended the charges and lost and McKenna served a two match ban.

So referees can see things one way but the SFA are able to correct their eye sight at a later stage and punish offenders who escaped due to the refereeing error.

Looks like check-mate on that one Ms Whyte.

Chris Sutton described this in his columns as “like a stitch up”.

He continued: “If they had applied the rules correctly then El Buffalo would have been on the end of three separate red cards.”

Meanwhile the referees union has suddenly found a voice, hitting out at the abuse their members are being subjected to. A Rangers supporter split one of their member’s head open at Livingston a few months ago but we must have missed their indignation after that incident.

Chris Sutton will be able to speak to his friend and former Celtic team-mate Neil Lennon, a veteran of the Rangers defending death threat mob.

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