Scott Brown? He’s Here for Ten in a Row!

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SCOTT BROWN has revealed that he is about to sign a contract extension that will effectively ensure that he has the opportunity to lead Celtic in their quest to achieve 10 in a row.

“Me and the club we are speaking,” Broony told STV today.

“There is no problem between myself and the club. They know I’m going to sign. There are no issues whatsoever.”

“It’s just a matter of time for us to get it done. We first started talking just before international break.

“It will be done in next couple of weeks hopefully. I still feel I’ve got a good few years left in me. That will be part of the discussion.

“I think two or three years easily. I feel fit and I feel good,” the Celtic captain revealed.

Three more years of football will of course give Broony the chance to add 3 more league titles to his collection and for Celtic that would mean achieving 8IAR, 9IAR and the magical 10IAR.

When you think about it there is no way Broony was ever going to miss the opportunity to achieve that!


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