Scottish football is in danger of losing away days

Scottish football is in danger of losing away days…

The Celtic end at Pittodrie, October 2021…

The Ticket spat caused by theRangers and their supporters by throwing the toys out of the pram due to one defeat at Ibrox too many at the hands of Celtic seems to have trickled down the league, as others are now taking a similar stance.

St Mirren and Hearts as we know deployed the same strategy last season and look like following suit this term. Now Aberdeen have decided to adopted a similar approach and are reportedly only going to offer away supporters 300 briefs for clashes at Pittodrie.

Tynecastle and Pittodrie are great away days for the Celtic support and many thousands have crammed into these two venues throughout the years, adding atmosphere while swelling the coffers of both sides.

The Celtic end at Tynecastle

Such moments look to now be in danger as it looks increasingly likely that both clubs will slash the ticket allocation by a significant amount.

It’s of course well within both clubs rights to do just that, but it raises questions regarding the future of the away supporters in this country.

By doing so they are taking theRangers lead by thinking more supporters equals a bigger advantage, but the Ibrox club can sell out their allocation against us while the Jambos and the Dons are unlikely too. So it could well be a hit in the pocket for the two sides.

Celtic fans at Ibrox in January 2023

Whatever the outcome, the day of a large travelling support is going to be a thing of the past, and that’s shame.

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  1. William Melvin on

    Our brilliant travelling support should bite the bullet and announce a boycott of all away tickets for sides who adopt this stance.
    Much as l dislike Livingston and their manager,l acknowledge and respect the pragmatism shown by this club.
    By welcoming both sets of fans from Glasgow it gives them some much needed revenue to make ends meet.
    This imagined long term popularity of these teams by their fans is exactly that…..A fantasy !!!
    If we do refuse to buy tickets to go watch them defending their box,falling over at the merest hint of contact and time wasting in the extreme AND being ripped off with the price of the tickets then it might just give them the reality check they need.
    Give it two seasons,tops and they’ll be pleading for us to boost their ticket sales because of the lack of interest by their own fickle fans.
    Feck the lot of them !!

  2. David Hannah on

    There’s no excuse to have to play them now 4 times a season. It’s time to expand the league.

    These teams should be boycotted. 100 per cent.

    • Exactly – the point of the ludicrous league structure we have was that clubs wanted Celtic (and theRangers) fans filling their grounds a few times a season. If that’s not happening any more, there’s no need for the crazy structure we have, it’s time for a 20/22 split with multiple relegations/promotions.