Scottish Referee group predictably rears its head

Scottish Referee group predictably rears its head…

John Beaton – Photo Malcolm Mackenzie PSI

The Scottish referee society or group, whatever it’s called is a particularly quiet bunch, but this week they have decided to make themselves be heard. Ironically they only rear their heads when their fraternity is criticised by one club, that of course being Celtic Football Club.

Strangely enough you never heard a peep from the group when Willie Collum was being hounded with pitch forks by the Rangers football club and their supporters just a short few months ago. All because he made the right decision.

The Ibrox side even tried to have him sine die from fixtures involving their club for the foreseeable, a tactic they previously successfully deployed with the same official a few years back. What did the same group have to say about that? You guessed it, sweet FA. It only seems they like to be heard when it’s Celtic or their supporters criticising referees.

Heart of Midlothian v Celtic – cinch Premiership – Tynecastle Park Celtic’s Greg Taylor right and Celtics Cameron Carter-Vickers speak with match referee Don Robertson after he awards a penalty to Heart of Midlothian during the cinch Premiership match at Tynecastle Sunday March 3, 2024. Photo Andrew Milligan

Our club is asking for a valid explanation without demanding special treatment. It’s a perfectly valid question to raise, and the referees group should respect that. It makes you wonder why they only feel the need to be so vocal when it’s a particular club being critical. Maybe like their charges they should be a bit more consistent and there wouldn’t be as much controversy.

Maybe they should try to defend the indefensible and tell us how that was a penalty on Sunday? Celtic’s spot kick was of the softer variety but there was contact and it was ultimately the correct call – however the award to Hearts, my word. It was disgraceful. Referees and VAR officials are very well paid. All we ask is that they are fair and competent, and at the weekend both failed on both counts.

Celtic’s manager, players and supporters have every right to be angry. And in John Beaton’s case, it’ not like he’s not been here before with his incredible decisions going against Celtic.

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  1. To be expected they hate Celtic F C with all their evil hearts. The sfa must have something
    on Lawell he’s never challenged them once and he won’t now Sir Robert Kelly would have

    • It’s this country they only stand by one oath masons stand up for brother no matter what or how bad lawlords business government when the take an oath especially in high office and one oath only secret society should hounded

  2. John loyalist beaton and Don. Hun Robertson hope you enjoyed cheating celtic and now i hope it knocks yous 2 rats paranoid now watching whos who when out playing with your flutes ya dirty cheating bastards nae wonder oldco died the cheating it got away with so well done to the taxman for catching them cheats never win as we all know the officials in spfl are a disgrace and i hope it turns on yous BAD.

  3. Martin Blackshaw on

    This Referee group is simply closing ranks around its Masonic brothers because they have been caught out big time. They’re trying to quieten the outrage with feigned fears for the safety of referees and their families. It’s an old trick to shut down the conversation. The SFA and its refereeing officials in this country need to be cleared out of the Scottish game.