‘SFA caught by their own lies in 2012 and there is now no way out,’ – Method in Morelos Madness

“BREAKING! Celtic report Sky Sports to Ofcom as they demand to know who really conducted Alfredo Morelos ‘translation'” was the headline on the Daily Record website yesterday.

Roger Mitchell, the outspoken former SPL Chief Executive, took to social media to provide his own alternative translation of this headline.

“Alternative headline: Celtic attacking the sole future financier of Scottish football. Just to get the mob off their back. Poor Neil,” he tweeted on @RPMComo

Jordan the Hibee had a question for Mitchell: “Roger, do you think that these questions are asked as Celtic and Sky both know they lead to Mr Traynor’s door?”

And the reply from the former SPL boss: “Here’s what I think ok? Jim T (Traynor) is working away. He knows that he needs cover when his club needs to sell Morelos. So he’s on that now. It’s also a deflection to a poor January. He will see those things as his job. Celtic know this and are now squeezing. This too is correct.”

In steps David Low, the new Chair at the Celtic Trust, who had this to say:

“Roger, you’re way off the money on this. Morelos and RFC had a pact for January exit. Spin deployed to maximise value. Plan failed = 2 unhappy partners. Morelos threatens walk out. RFC needs to pin blame. New spin now fabricated stories about car bombs, racism and being chased outta town.”

Then up pops Auldheid, never a man to miss an opportunity to challenge rule breaking in the game. “If that is true,” Auldheid noted, “and the narrative fits, why are the SFA not making charges of TRFC bringing the game into disrepute?

“Or is it too late as it’s already happened so not relevant, censure, like imperfect registrations? It’s been downhill all the way since first EBT with side letter used.”

Owen Harte concluded this little insightful discussion but summarising perfectly: “SFA caught by their own lies in 2012 and there is now no way out.”

Meanwhile on The Celtic Star this morning a former newspaper editor in the States has commented on his own profession and how things look very strange to him on the others side of the Pond looking across the water to the ongoing controversies in the media.

Remarkably only Michael Stewart has paid a price for speaking essentially the truth because according to BBC Scotland he was being unfair to Jim Traynor who was not there to defend himself. Maybe an idea would be to invite Traynor and Stewart on to a broadcast and have the issues aired in public?

Read Larry Cafiero’s Tsunami-sized waves of falsehoods, only Michael Stewart has both the gravitas and the courage to tell the truth.

Meanwhile the standard of punditry on Sky Sports comes under scrutiny here…

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