Shifting Celtic’s benchmark from better than them to notable European examples

It looks like theRangers seem to be copying our transfer strategy, albeit with lesser success. We must take advantage of our financial muscle and leave them behind for good.

After years of being second best the Rangers have deployed a new strategy in a bid to keep up with the Scottish Champions Celtic who, as you know, have won 12 titles in the past 13 seasons.

The strategy I’m referring to is in the transfer department and the Ibrox club look like they are copying the way Celtic has been approaching out recruitment, in that we buy players in a certain age bracket and improve them before making a handsome profit.

Matt O’Riley celebrates scoring our third goal during the Scottish Cup Semi Final against Aberdeen and Hampden on April 20, 2024 (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

The Ibrox club have been doing some recruitment recently that suggests just that. Although the players on the Ibrox radar are of a lower calibre than the ones Celtic are seeking, perhaps due to financial restrictions at their end.

Admittedly they could land a gem amongst those signings, but the market they are trawling is of a lower standard than our own club operates, despite the hype that they are always guaranteed via the Scottish mainstream media (future Real Madrid star etc).

That said, despite the success in our transfer dealings, we have failed to take advantage of our financial muscle on several occasions and in doing so let the Ibrox club think they are closer to us than they believe.

That’s why it’s important we take the chance that is currently presented to us and leave them behind for the foreseeable future. In the past Celtic has been accused of being content with ‘just being better than theRangers.’

Now is the perfect time to use our financial strength and leave them trailing behind for good and instead change our benchmark to the top performing European sides outside the top five mega-rich leagues who have managed to overcome that handicap to compete in European competition much better than Celtic.

That’s where Celtic’s benchmark should be, not just being able to out perform our noisy neighbours.

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1 Comment

  1. Actually thought that was the long term plans years ago with our club imo?
    But that once long term plan has reached it’s conclusion last season, as far as I’m concerned?
    Think we are now entering the next level phase, where just keeping ahead of the scum won’t be tolerated so easily, especially as they don’t hold as much relevance to our future plans any longer imo?
    They are only becoming our back up plan for the seasons ahead, even if we will never get tired of rubbing there filthy scummy bluenoses in their own shite.
    We got Rodgers in place, who I believe has the same outlook, and gaining CL success was possibly his biggest motivation upon returning imo?
    That requires a totally different approach from ourselves in terms of how we are going to operate, within many areas throughout the club, but mainly in transfer strategy imo?
    We would expect a fair amount of transfer activity during any summer, but this needs to be massively reduced in how the last number of seasons have been, including this summer also.
    We need to be looking at forming more stability within our overall squad, where for the last 2 seasons we had a core of a 25man squad in place, but failed somewhat in getting it to overall squad depth strength, that left ourselves remaining as a team so dependent and reliant upon player’s having to start matches?
    Thinking Rodgers will be looking to actually change such an approach for ourselves, which will mean squad depth and quality will finally get addressed, along with addressing the homegrown problems which has left the conveyor belt in idle mode for years now?
    Also think that we will be able to conclude for definite this summer, as to what degree the board are actually prepared to back Rodgers or not?
    Still think that they will, even if not overly confident, yet that doesn’t guarantee success either?
    Believe that we are in a much stronger position than we were a year ago throughout the club imo?
    Yet there is still some amount of work to be done during the summer, and as much as I hope squad depth in forming our 25man squad for CL is finally achieved, I still wouldn’t be expecting the overall structure of the club, to be totally completed as to where we are looking to be heading for either imo?
    Change takes time, and possibly that change has taken longer than expected, but will point to the structure taking so long to actually be in a position to be changed, with forming the transfer strategy of generating money taking preference?
    No longer believe that is the case for ourselves, and this summer should give ourselves a better indication as to what direction our powers to be, do actually want to take us upon the journey of Rodgers leading the way?