Shocking u-turn from EA SPORTS leaves Celtic Park out of the upcoming FIFA 23 launch

Shocking u-turn from EA SPORTS leaves Celtic Park out of the upcoming FIFA 23 launch…

Celtic and indeed theRangers fans have been left shocked after EA SPORTS announce the stadium list for the new video game ‘FIFA 23’ . This list outlines all the different stadiums the game will feature. However, neither Celtic Park or Ibrox is included on this list. despite the Ibrox club which was founded in 2012 announcing earlier in the week that their stadium was included. This has come as a bit of a shock as Celtic announced a new partnership with EA earlier in the week, detailing how Celtic players would use the advanced 3D face scanning technology, which creates a more lifelike version of the player within the game.

Celtic made no such announcement but as theRangers had apparently jumped the gun with their own statement it was widely anticipated that Celtic would also be included, but as we pointed out earlier in the week this had NOT been confirmed and Celtic had made no mention of it in their earlier press release.

Furthermore, theRangers announced that Ibrox would feature in the new FIFA, which led to the speculation around the inclusion of Celtic Park. An inclusion Celtic fans have been seeking for some time. However, year after year, they have been left dissapointed. With the supposed inclusion of Ibrox, it seemed probable that Celtic Park would also be included. On the other hand, it seemed strange that theRangers had openly announced the inclusion of Ibrox, while Celtic never gave any real detail on the inclusion of Celtic Park.

Unfortunately, the glimmer of hope faded as the list of the included stadiums was released. There was no mention of Celtic Park and Ibrox also didn’t appear on the list, which is especially odd as it contradicts the previous theRangers announcement and is particularly embarrassing for the most recent Ibrox club as they bragged out them being included earlier this week.

Overall, it is an especially odd situtaion, with a less than satisfying ending and not the kickoff of this new partnership the Celtic fans wanted.

Celtic fans will have to wait for the inclusion of our Paradise . Maybe some will decide to keep their cash until such times as that happens.

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  1. I suppose its possible that new stadiums could be included in the future via downloadable content, but it seems like laziness on the part of the games producers to not include more stadiums as its not exactly going to take a great deal of time, effort or bit size to include a variation of stadium backdrops!

    I haven’t played a football game in years, got bored with them tbh, but have noticed similar situations in golfing games where well over a decade ago we had a big selection of courses to play on, but now its been whittled down to a handful, while the graphics and gameplay have remained pretty much the same!

    You’d expect over time for these games producers to include more content, not detract from it, but it seems they’re only interested in making money and keeping production costs low, so stiff the consumer in this way by doing as little work as possible, while ever increasing the price we pay for their products!