Silva and Cantwell show difference between Celtic and Rangers

Silva and Cantwell perfectly sum up the difference in attitude between Celtic and theRangers.

The very fact that theRangers were thrilled and delighted with a point in yesterday’s Glasgow Derby match in their own backyard, while Celtic looked extremely disappointed tells its own story regarding the mentality of both clubs.

Fabio Silva dives inside the Celtic penalty area and cons a penalty from Alistair Johnston, referee John Beaton initially booked Silva for simulation but reversed the yellow card and awarded theRangers a penalty kick after a VAR sent an edited clip for review. Photo Stuart Wallace/Shutterstock

Two players from the Ibrox side who sum up the club perfectly and are rather suited to wearing the light blue are Todd Cantwell and Fabio Silva. Their attitude definitely leaves a lot to be desired.

Silva particularly who was a disgrace the entire time he was on the field. His antics were disgusting and even theRangers supporters looked as if they had enough of his amateur theatrics. He’s a cheat plain and simple, you’d think there was a sniper in the stands yesterday with the amount to times he fell to ground pretending to writhe in agony.

The incident where he got Alistair Johnston booked was disgraceful. Remember when the Scottish FA hit Scott Brown with charges of not doing the best for Association football? Let’s see the Compliance Officer dig out that rule to charge Silva today. He won’t because he plays for theRangers.

The fact that he dodged a yellow for simulation was quite remarkable, well John Beaton was the ref so maybe not. Ironically the one time he was booked for simulation it was overturned, despite video evidence proving the contrary.

The fact Wolves paid £40 million for him shows how heavily inflated the English transfer market is. Celtic were said to have been interested in the Portuguese forward, I think we dodged a bullet there!

As for Tik Tok Todd himself, well he proved his character yesterday by starting fights and then running away to hide behind his teammates. Yet he still had the audacity to post an image on social media making him look something of a hard man!

Thankfully we don’t have anyone who resorts to such behaviour amongst our squad, not that the supporters or manager would stand for such behaviour. But the Ibrox support lap it all up, which rather perfectly sums up the difference in attitude and mindset between the two clubs.

Celebrating a victory and a manager stating that is was a win when the game ended 3-3 is comical in itself.

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