Sky Sports talking nonsense once again

Sky Sports dropped yet another embarrassing clanger in the aftermath of our dead rubber derby defeat on Saturday. Only this time it wasn’t the incompetent Kris Boyd or Andy Walker but host Eilidh Barbour.

Eilidh signed off from Saturday’s match coverage by saying “The title may well be heading to Celtic Park,but the bragging rights between the two sides will spend the summer at Ibrox”!!!

This is meant to be a national broadcaster for heaven’s sakes. We have to put up with the inane ramblings of Kris Boyd and Andy Walker and now this nonsense.

theRangers deserved to win and would have enjoyed their afternoon, but bragging rights over the summer? They’ve won Hee Haw, Celtic have beaten them twice in the league when it actually mattered. Beat them in the cup final, and put them out the Scottish cup.

In winning when it mattered, Celtic are on the cusp of a treble and have guaranteed automatic champions league qualification. There’s also the matter of a money spinning far east tour. theRangers will spend the summer in a transitional period while gearing up to play qualifiers in the champions league.

It’s what you’d expect from the numbskulls on theRangers Radio not a national broadcaster. Can you imagine if someone presenting on the EPL said something along the lines of “the title may well be heading to the city of Manchester stadium, but the bragging rights will remain at the emirates due to Arsenals decent season”.

Eilidh will no doubt feel embarrassed by her choice of words, but sadly this sort of unprofessionalism is becoming the norm with Sky Sports.

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  1. I doubt Smellie Barbour will be embarrassed.
    She said on the BBC during the wummins World Cup that they should get equal pay.
    I tweeted her and made the mistake of saying she said it during the scotland/England game and her response was “I was in the pub for that game”. She didn’t deny it or justify it. Didn’t reply after that.

  2. RPM Celticfan on

    Shes a wee hun arselicker , how else do you think you get a job at Sky .

  3. David Potter on

    They can have bragging rights if they want, but we have two trophies so far. “Facts are chiels that winnae ding” says Robert Burns.

  4. Yes, once again Sky sports presenter has ballsed up. She will never learn, just like the ibrokes mob who never learn too keep their mouths shut. She is just another mouthpiece for the SFA, (free mason / orange order brigade), and she cannot hid her leaning towards the ibrokes mob!!. I do not want sevco too win even a blade of grass, but if those morons are so so elated that their team won ONE, game from six,and Glasgow Celtic win the treble every year, then so be it. How tiny minds work, is quite baffling. HAIL HAIL

  5. I don’t mind them winning that meaningless game.
    Its like me with Scotland, its the hope that kills us. lol
    Hail Hail